The built-in device security your organization requires

Chrome OS is secure by design, giving organizations critical control in managing threats and helping them deter and mitigate the harmful impacts of attacks.

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Learn how Duo Security protects customer data with Chrome Enterprise
Learn about Google’s innovative approach to protecting data

Learn about Google’s innovative approach to security

Chrome Enterprise has re-engineered endpoint security with a multilayered approach to provide defenses across the entire device.

Get protection against current threats

Chrome OS enables IT to provide trusted applications to their users, while proactively protecting against current threats.



Chrome OS is designed as a read-only operating system, and with primary file storage happening in the cloud, Chrome devices become inhospitable for bad actors.

Prevention features

  • Low on-device footprint
  • Read-only operating system
  • Verified boot confirms the system is unmodified at boot up

Malicious applications

Sandboxing isolates processes and limits the scope of an attack. With the Google Admin console or your preferred EMM provider, IT administrators can restrict applications that do not meet their security standards.

Prevention features

  • Sandboxing
  • App and extension restricting
  • Managed Google Play
Malicious applications


Devices are shielded from phishing attacks by warning users before they enter a malicious site and two-factor authentication methods help stop hackers attempting to gain entry using stolen passwords.

Prevention features

  • Proactively prevent users from reaching malicious sites
  • Seamless support for two-step verification methods
  • Password alerts on compromised sites
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As well as saving us money, Chromebooks buy us time and freedom. Engineers don't need to worry about security or wait for IT to configure or lock down Chromebooks. They can just get to work.

Jon Debonis, Head of Security, Blend

Read the case study

Titan C: Creating a nucleus of trust

Titan C, the Google-designed security chip on Chromebooks, keeps devices secure, protects user identity, and ensures system integrity.

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Titan C: Creating a nucleus of trust

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Advanced security, simplified orchestration, flexible access and 24/7 support with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade.

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Help Center

Explore support articles in the Chrome Enterprise Help center.

Chrome Enterprise Policy list

Manage controls and meet your security and productivity needs with Chrome Enterprise policies.

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