Chrome: The secure browser for your enterprise

Chrome is always working to quickly mitigate risks, block malicious sites and content, and proactively improve web security to keep your users and corporate data safe.

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The Browser is the New Frontline Defense for Endpoint Security

New benchmarks for securing Chrome from the Center for Internet Security

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) offers independent recommendations on Chrome policy configuration to support organizations’ security and compliance needs.

Built-in protection

Browser security you don’t have to think about

Chrome keeps you and your organization safe by default, with built-in browser security protections.

With auto updates enabled, Chrome provides quick fixes for zero day vulnerabilities.
Safe Browsing enables warnings to appear automatically when users attempt to navigate to dangerous sites or download malicious files, while site isolation stops malicious sites from stealing data from other sites.
Automatic updates run in the background every four weeks to keep browsers up to date with the latest security patches. Enterprises also have the option to manage updates manually if needed.
From making HTTPs the standard to privacy sandboxing, Chrome has been pushing web security forward from the start.
Automatic notifications for your users prevent password reuse and phishing, and alert them of risky sites for added web security.

Polices, controls and visibility to meet your web security needs

Chrome gives enterprises advanced safeguards and policy management to enable IT teams to configure their browser deployment for their organization’s security and compliance needs.

Manage hundreds of policies centrally to ensure a private and secure web browsing experience for your users.
View information about installed extensions and control which extensions your workforce can access. Block, force install, or allow end users to request extensions for complete browser security.
Get in depth insights and reporting into your browser deployment through Chrome Browser Cloud Management.
Legacy Browser Support for Edge in IE-mode limits the time users spend in their legacy browser by redirecting to the alternate browser only for configured apps.
Keep your end user’s work and personal profiles separate with Enterprise Profile Separation.
Policy and controls
Get browser insights to better inform enterprise security

Make data-driven security decisions with security intelligence from Chrome

Get browser insights to better inform enterprise security plans and access critical security information from Chrome across a variety of Google solutions and third party integrations.

IT can set integrations through Chrome Browser Cloud Management and view:

  • When users navigate past warnings to malicious sites
  • Download or upload files identified as harmful
  • Corporate passwords being re-used or entered on non-corporate sites
  • Users are changing protected passwords

Add advanced zero trust protections within Chrome

BeyondCorp Enterprise is Google’s zero trust offering that provides simple and secure access to business-critical applications and services, with threat and data protection delivered through Chrome.
Benefits include:

  • Safeguarding against phishing and malware
  • Protecting sensitive data
  • Configuring security and compliance controls easily
  • Getting visibility and insights into potential online threats
About BeyondCorp Enterprise
Learn how Duo Security protects customer data with Chrome Enterprise

Get unified browser management and visibility with Chrome Browser Cloud Management.

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Rely on one tool across operating systems

A single web interface helps IT set and manage security policies and provides the same secure web experience across operating systems.

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Improve security and visibility

View browser inventory and extension reporting to help support governance and compliance efforts.

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Configure your browser for enterprise security needs

Manage what happens to corporate data with Chrome Browser Cloud Management and take it out at any time.

Chrome help kit

Chrome Help Kit

We’ve created a Chrome help kit that includes three user-friendly documents with quick tips on productivity, privacy, and web security for you to share with your end users.

Browser security resources

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Advanced threat and data protection with zero trust security

Learn how BeyondCorp Enterprise and Chrome Enterprise can help reduce risk and provide simple and secure access to business-critical apps and services across any OS.

Chrome Browser Enterprise Support

Get best practices, avoid potential disruptions, and minimize user downtime with 24/7 access to a team of Google experts.

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The browser is the new frontline defense for endpoint security

The browser is no longer just a means of accessing the internet. It is vital to enterprise productivity and security. This paper dives into the features of Chrome you can leverage in your enterprise to improve your organization’s security posture.

Chrome Enterprise Reporting Connectors

Set up Reporting Connectors to get extended security insights within managed browsers

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