Humankind has taken great leaps throughout history, from moon landings to modern medicine. Recently, IT has too. We’re here to celebrate them.

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A video celebrating three IT Leaptakers

inspiration and impact

Meet the people who achieved the impossible

From reconnecting families in life-or-death moments, to helping our children access vital education. Discover why we owe it all to IT professionals.

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Life Lines

A link between loved ones: how IT pros mended frayed lifelines

When UK hospitals were closed to visitors during COVID-19, these Leaptakers gave patients in ICU a lifeline to their loved ones.

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A hospital patient enjoys a video call
A first grader smiling with his laptop on the first day of school

Achievement First

The IT experts who enabled children to thrive during COVID-19

As schools worldwide shut their doors, one US education network had thousands of students and teachers enjoying a quality remote set-up within days.

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Special Needs Initiative for Growth

Sharing the knowledge to build the future

In Nigeria, IT pros have helped children and young people with disabilities access intensive STEM courses to gain confidence in themselves and show others what they're capable of.

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Four young people gather round an IT experiment

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