Hybrid work and return to office with ChromeOS

Start planning your return to office strategy and support a hybrid workforce with ChromeOS. A modern, secure solution built to enable productivity wherever work happens.

Enable remote workers with Chrome Enterprise

For your workforce at-home, in-office, and everything in-between

Remote work used to be the exception. Now it's an essential part of how many employees will work going forward. ChromeOS was built just for this and can help you with supporting a hybrid workforce and planning your return to office.

Fast deployment, simple management

Fast deployment, simple management

  • Assess your workforce’s readiness to switch to ChromeOS upon their return to the office with the ChromeOS Readiness Tool
  • Drop ship pre-enrolled devices directly to employees using zero-touch enrollment
  • Manage devices from anywhere using the cloud-based Google Admin Console with 500+ settings and policies available
  • Deploy apps, settings, bookmarks and many more, remotely
Built-in, proactive security

Built-in, proactive security

  • Built-in virus protection
  • Encrypted on-device storage with the assistance of tamper-resistant hardware, verified boot and sandboxing
  • Protection of system integrity and user identity with the built-in Titan C security chip
  • Extend zero trust security models to the web with BeyondCorp Enterprise
  • Set devices to automatically wipe after a user logs out removing all data.
  • Remotely disable or powerwash devices if lost or stolen.
Apps for every worker

Apps for every worker

  • Access legacy, proprietary, and full-featured Windows apps with Parallels Desktop for ChromeOS
  • Share access to productivity apps via managed Google Play, Chrome browser and cloud apps
  • Utilize Chrome Enterprise Recommended for a better user experience, quality, functionality and security of third-party solutions and apps
  • Connect and collaborate with video conferencing solutions, including Google Meet, Zoom, RingCentral and many more

Minimize costs and increase savings

Organizations can save up to $463 on average per device*

*Source: IDC Use Case Brief, sponsored by Google ChromeOS, The Business Value of ChromeOS for Hybrid and Remote Workers, doc #49731122, January 2023

Minimize costs and increase savings

Streamlined solutions for every worker

Information workers or frontline workers, there is a ChromeOS device for every use case.

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Frontline workers

  • Set up flex desks or shared workspaces powered by high performance Chromeboxes or Chromebases for your in-office frontline employees or provide remote employees with a complete desktop experience.
  • Utilize ChromeOS optimized enterprise grade docking stations that are certified under the “Works with Chromebooks'' program and connect to peripherals such as headsets, chargers, webcams and more.
  • Provide loaner ChromeOS devices for temporary or hourly workers with the Grab and Go program.
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Information workers

  • Enable hybrid employees to transition between home and office smoothly. Provide Chromebooks to use at bookable flex desks that are pre-set up with monitor, keyboard, mouse and connected through an enterprise grade docking station from leading OEMs.
  • Set up flex desks or shared workspaces powered by high performance Chromeboxes or Chromebases for your in-office employees or provide remote employees with a complete desktop experience.

Hybrid work and return to office toolkit

Ready to get started? Understand how to deploy step by step, set up users and policies, and make sure employees have access to the apps they need.

Hybrid work and return to office toolkit
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At Sunrun, we are adapting to a hybrid-work return to office model, where some of the workforce return to the office while others continue working remotely. ChromeOS devices are our default and used for the majority of our teams at Sunrun. For our return to office plans we are expanding ChromeOS to other departments because it’s an adaptable and fast operating system that's scalable and cost effective. It meets all our security and compliance industry needs. As we return to the office, we are planning to also restart the Grab & Go program for employees.

Deji Fatunla, Corporate Engineering Lead, Sunrun

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Manage Chrome browser from the cloud

With more and more organizations adopting a hybrid work environment, it’s critical for IT teams to be able to manage their browser deployments easily and efficiently. If you have multiple platforms in your organization, you can use Chrome Browser Cloud Management in the Google Admin console to manage Chrome browser across your enterprise, at no additional cost. IT teams can easily enroll browsers and start applying policies both on and off-network. And they can centrally deploy and manage extensions to support their distributed workforce.

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Manage Chrome browser from the cloud

Collaborate with video conferencing tools on ChromeOS devices

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