Protect your users and secure your endpoints

Chrome Enterprise is secure by design, keeping users and their data protected thanks to fast and seamless security updates and intuitive policy enforcement.

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Protect your users and secure your endpoints

An OS, a browser and devices working together to keep you secure

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A big reason people get breached is that their computers' operating systems and applications aren't up to date. Chromebooks auto-update from the first day you use them—and users don't even need to think about updates.

Reed Loden, Director of Security, HackerOne

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Taking a unified approach

With Chrome Enterprise’s holistic approach to security, you can keep your business safe with seamless updates and intuitive policy enforcement to protect against evolving threats.

Secure by design

Chrome devices and Chrome Browser deter end users from falling hostage to harmful attacks and mitigate impact if one prevails.

Seamless security updates

Eliminate the need for manual patching with automatic and continuous updates.

Policy enforcement

Select from hundreds of policies across the browser and OS to provide your workforce with a secure computing environment.

Taking a unified approach

Chrome Enterprise Security

Blend improved security with Chrome Enterprise through automated patch management, with Chrome extensions adding security certificates and anti-phishing tools.
HackerOne secures customer data and connects employees around the world with Pixelbook and Chrome OS.
Royal Technologies
Royal Technologies gives its frontline workers secure access to the cloud with Chrome Enterprise.
How Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina increased security and productivity with Chrome Browser.
Cloud-first security for endpoints

Deep dive into Chrome Enterprise’s innovative approach to protecting data and simplifying IT management.

Chrome Enterprise security

Find out how Chrome Enterprise security helps keep your business safe in the cloud.

Chrome Enterprise security webinar

Learn about the many differentiating features of Chromebooks around security and what really helps Chromebooks stand out from the pack.

Cost savings and other benefits your company can achieve with Chrome Browser

Chrome Browser's Total Economic Impact on your organization - a Forrester Consulting study.

How Chrome OS impacts knowledge workers

A commissioned Total Economic Impact study by Forrester Consulting.

Chrome Enterprise Policy list

Manage controls and meet your security and productivity needs with Chrome Enterprise policies.

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