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Manage from the cloud

Set hundreds of policies and streamline updates across your fleet with Chrome Browser Cloud Management. With reporting enabled, you can see all deployed versions in your organization for greater control over updates and reports. Chrome browser also supports a wide range of management options, including Intune, VMware Workspace One, and Group Policy.

Manage across platforms
Customize Chrome for your enterprise

Customize Chrome for your enterprise

Chrome integrates seamlessly with your tech stack so your users can work with modern apps and extensions while supporting the legacy apps you can’t lose. With Legacy browser Support for Edge in IE-Mode, your users can access their Internet Explorer-based apps from within the Chrome environment so they can stay productive.

Protect your network and endpoints

From Safe Browsing and sandboxing to policy management and beyond, Chrome browser provides proactive security against malware, phishing, and end-user vulnerabilities. With Password Alert, you can keep your users’ corporate passwords off of non-corporate sites to make sure your data doesn’t get in the wrong hands.

Protect your network and endpoints
Increase productivity for your team and end users

Increase productivity for your team and end users

Chrome’s centralized browser management empowers your IT team to spend more time on what matters while setting your end users up for success. Managed bookmarks and extensions give your users access to the tools and apps they need as soon as they open the browser. Enable a seamless experience for your users controlled by IT, whether they’re in the office or working remotely.

See benefits across the enterprise

Businesses that choose Chrome as their primary browser see an
average 1,344% return on investment* over three years



Saved due to improved
IT resource productivity



of security issues avoided
with improved remediation


per week in additional
productivity per end user

*Source: 2018 Forrester Total Economic Impact of Chrome Browser Study

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Set your company up for success with Chrome

Many enterprises are dependent on legacy apps, but can benefit from the security and stability of a modern browser.

Learn how to secure your user's passwords in Chrome browser with Password Alert Policy.

Version report allows IT admins to easily see all the Chrome versions in their deployment.

Bookmarks are a great way for users to have easy access to the apps and websites they need to be productive.

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