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Easy, centralized browser management

Chrome Browser Cloud Management gives IT powerful management capabilities in the cloud, at no additional cost.

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Management and controls

Secure and Configure Chrome

Manage Chrome browser across multiple operating systems and hundreds of policies. Set and apply policies with only a few clicks (we're not kidding, it's really that simple).
We've made it easier than ever to manage updates and rollback scenarios in whatever way makes the most sense for your enterprise.
See which extensions your workforce are using. View their permissions and easily block, force install, or allow end users to request extensions.
View browser information across your entire organisation or drill down to the individual browser level.

Browser Insights

Comprehensive Insights & Reporting

Get a comprehensive view of your browser deployment - with information like device details, browser version, extensions, and more.
View browser information across your entire organisation or drill down to the individual browser level.
Chrome Browser Cloud Management easily integrates with your existing IT stack, regardless of vendor.
Unlock security event insights via integrations with Google’s own security solutions or third-party security providers.
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Unlock next level control over your browser

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Save time and costs by managing Chrome from the cloud

See return on investment in 6 months

Today’s IT leaders face hybrid work environments and increased security threats. Many are preparing for this new reality by managing their enterprise browser with Chrome Browser Cloud Management.



Reduction in service desk tickets*



Of total IT time saved testing, imaging, and updating Chrome*



Time savings for application testing*

*Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Google, “The Total Economic ImpactTM of Google Chrome Browser Cloud Management”, 2023


Get answers, quick

Google doesn’t charge a fee for Chrome Browser Cloud Management.
Yes and good news - you can use your existing account! Log in to your account and start leveling up your browser management.
With its easy-to-use cloud interface, no scripting or GPO knowledge is required for IT teams using Chrome Browser Cloud Management.
You can either use Chrome Browser Cloud Management as your sole browser management solution, or you can continue to use your on-premise management tool and use Chrome Browser Cloud Management to get visibility and reporting into your browsers.
No worries - we created an assessment tool just for that! Take the assessment here.
Yes. Chrome makes Group Policy templates available for on-premises management for organizations not quite ready to move management to the cloud. You can also integrate our cloud management capabilities with several Unified Endpoint Management providers, if you prefer to use their console.
Yes, Chrome on ChromeOS is also managed through the Google Admin console, but some capabilities may require Chrome Enterprise Upgrade. See here for more information.

Cloud management set up, made simple

Step 1

Sign up for Chrome Browser Cloud Management - Create an account in the Google Admin console.

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Step 2

Enroll your browsers. For step by step instructions, you can use this handy help center guide.

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Step 3

Set your policies and view reports. One of the best things about Chrome is how much you can customize it.

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Watch our Beyond Browsing series for management demos and tips

Signing up for Chrome Browser Cloud Management.

Take a tour of Chrome Browser Cloud Management.

Tips for migrating to Chrome Browser Cloud Management.

On point on-premise management, if you need it

On-prem solutions

On point on-premise management, if you need it

While managing Chrome from the cloud brings many benefits to organizations, if you prefer on-prem solutions, you can also use group policy templates in our enterprise bundle to set policies for your browsers through Microsoft® Active Directory®.

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Secure browsing, powered by Chrome

Chrome protects over 5 billion users everyday. From Safe Browsing, to password protections, to enhanced visibility Chrome keeps enterprises secure.

See how Chrome keeps your corporate data and people safe.

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Chrome Browser Cloud Management has become the common denominator for managing policies, application use and devices across Colgate-Palmolive.

Roger Lim, Colgate-Palmolive IT Manager of Collaboration Infrastructure Development

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