Simple, efficient and comprehensive browser management

Chrome Browser Cloud Management gives IT admins the advantage of powerful and flexible management capabilities both in the cloud and on premises, at no additional cost.

How to use Google Chrome Browser Cloud Management
Unifying the management experience

Unifying the management experience

Get the flexibility to manage Chrome browser across multiple operating systems and hundreds of policies.

A single cloud-based tool to set browser policies across platforms.
Set and apply policies with only a few clicks.
If you already have a Google Admin account, you can start managing Chrome browser more effectively from the cloud right now.

If you don’t have a Google Account already, easily create one and begin enrolling the browsers you want to manage.

Better visibility for better management decisions

Visibility and browser inventory information helps IT make better management decisions and improve security and compliance.

Easily get a comprehensive view of browser deployment information; including device details, browser version, extensions and more.
View browser information across your entire organisation or drill down to the individual browser level.
Better visibility for better management decisions
More than one way to delegate

More than one way to delegate

Google Admin console lets you choose how to delegate browser management to non-Windows admins.

With its easy-to-use cloud interface, no scripting or GPO knowledge is required for admins using Chrome Browser Cloud Management.
The optional admin Single Sign-On through SAML makes it easy for IT admins to come in and out of the console as needed.
Allow the main admin to set controls over who can make what changes within the system.

Secure browsing - powered by Chrome

Keep your corporate data and users secure

Keep your corporate data and users secure

Chrome has built-in security capabilities and is safe by design. Our Safe Browsing technology protects over 5 billion devices daily by showing intuitive security alerts which guide users to make safer decisions online. The workforce is protected while staying productive in the browser they already know and love.

Integrate your tech stack

Integrate your tech stack

Unlock security event insights via integrations with Google’s own security solutions or third-party security providers, for better-informed security decision-making.

Secure and manage extensions

Secure and manage extensions

View information about installed extensions and control which extensions your workforce can access. Block, force install, or allow end users to request extensions for complete browser security. Manage and approve extension requests.

Enable secure access for your remote workforce

Enable secure access for your remote workforce

Enables secure access to applications and resources with Google’s zero trust solution, BeyondCorp Enterprise. Get integrated threat and data protection. Our agentless approach with Chrome is ideal for remote or frontline workers.

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Chrome Browser Cloud Management has become the common denominator for managing policies, application use and devices across Colgate-Palmolive.

Roger Lim, Colgate-Palmolive IT Manager of Collaboration Infrastructure Development

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Enterprise support plan

Introduce next-level browser management to your business

There is no additional cost for existing Google Workspace, Chrome Enterprise, Cloud Identity and Chrome Browser Enterprise Support customers to get started. Just go to the device management section of the Google Admin console.

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New to cloud management?

Easily begin or migrate your browser management to the cloud at no additional cost.

Do you have specific requirements?

On point management,

Organisations choosing to remain on-premises can also use group policy templates in our enterprise bundle to set policies for your browsers through Microsoft® Active Directory®.

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On point management, on-premises

Legacy browser support

Legacy Browser Support enables IT to choose which apps are opened in a legacy browser, while employees stay productive and secure using the broader web on a modern browser.

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For legacy apps, Legacy Browser Support has been a lifesaver. The IT team doesn’t have to jump through hoops to offer access to multiple browsers, and employees get a much better user experience.

Mark Eimer, CTO, Hackensack Meridian Health

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