Chrome: The secure browser for your enterprise

Chrome is secure by design, offers scaled protections unmatched by other browsers, and is the foundation of Google's secure enterprise browsing solution.

Chrome: The secure browser for your enterprise

Secure Enterprise Browsing Starts Here

Google's secure enterprise browsing solution combines the strongest zero trust protections, controls and visibility with the trusted Chrome browser that many businesses already use today. Protecting users on both managed and unmanaged devices is a breeze for security and IT teams, no matter where their workforce is.

Secure access to information for remote, extended and hybrid workforce

Protect the remote, extended, and hybrid workforce

Provide secure access to company resources and information, even when users are outside of the corporate network.

Secure managed and unmanaged devices (BYOD)

Offer a uniform layer of security control across devices, including malware and phishing protection, with an agentless approach.

Secure managed and unmanaged devices (BYOD)
Zero trust access to SaaS apps

Safeguard access to SaaS apps

Introduce zero trust access to SaaS apps and mitigate data exfiltration risks.

Data protections

Data Protections

Detect and prevent sensitive data loss, prevent both accidental and intentional exfiltration of company data, and enforce data protection policies.

Protections against malware and phishing

Protections against Malware & Phishing

Protect users from real-time threats while they work on the web. Set policies to block untrusted file downloads or prevent users from navigating to unsafe URLs.

Security reporting and insights

Security Reporting and Insights

Get insight and access critical security event information from the browser, including password reuse, unsafe site visits, malware transfer, log-in, and password breaches. View data across third-party tools such as Splunk, CrowdStrike and Palo Alto Networks, and a variety of Google solutions.

Extensions controls

Extensions Controls

Block, force install, or allow end users to request extensions for added browser security. Manage and approve extension requests in one place. Leverage extension policies to restrict and/or gain visibility to extensions your users request.

Fleet risk management

Device Risk Management

Deliver fast and automatic updates from new zero-day vulnerabilities. Automatic updates prompt users to relaunch Chrome to update to the latest version. Keeping your Chrome browser fleet up-to-date with the newest security patches is an enterprise security best practice.

Adaptive policy management

Adaptive Policy Management

Manage hundreds of policies centrally to ensure a secure web browsing experience for your users. Have one browser where you can dial up the highest degree of protection for your high-risk users without affecting the productivity of low-risk users.

An Easy Solution for Secure Enterprise Browsing

Using Chrome at your enterprise is already a secure choice, and you can easily manage it with Chrome Browser Cloud Management. Adding on BeyondCorp Enterprise Essentials will help you implement zero trust security to the web for a secure, end-to-end browsing experience for your enterprise. Level up your browser security with Chrome, no matter where you are in your enterprise security journey.

Download Chrome:

Download Chrome:

Start with Chrome’s built-in security capabilities with the option to strengthen via local or cloud policy

  • Secure-by-design web platform
  • Fast zero-day responses and automatic updates
  • Safe Browsing warnings protecting over 5 billion devices daily
  • Use the latest security standards
  • Intuitive security notifications for users
  • Legacy Browser Support for Edge in IE-mode
Set up Chrome Browser Cloud Management:

Set up Chrome Browser Cloud Management:

Gain greater security insights and cloud-enforced policies with our comprehensive, cross-platform browser management tool

  • Policy management
  • Comprehensive reporting including browser versions, settings, device details
  • Visibility into security events, including password reuse, unsafe site visit, malware downloads/uploads
  • Extension details, controls and approval workflows
Deploy BeyondCorp Enterprise Essentials:

Deploy BeyondCorp Enterprise Essentials:

Get zero trust access, advanced visibility, threat protections, and data loss prevention

  • Data loss prevention for content transfers
  • Advanced scanning-based malware and ransomware prevention
  • Predictive phishing protection with real-time URL checks
  • Context aware access for SaaS and web apps
  • Security investigation and alerting
See commonly asked questions and answers related to Chrome browser security.

See commonly asked questions and answers related to Chrome browser security.

Browser security resources

Beyond Browsing demo series

Get the latest tips and tricks on managing and configuring Chrome.

New benchmarks for securing Chrome from the Center for Internet Security

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) offers independent recommendations on Chrome policy configuration to support organizations’ security and compliance needs.

Implementing zero trust security with Chrome Enterprise and BeyondCorp Enterprise

Apply a zero trust model to the web with Chrome and BeyondCorp Enterprise.

Chrome browser enterprise security configuration guide

Learn about the trade-offs you need to consider when deciding which security policies to enable and disable.

Chrome Browser enterprise extensions guide

Explore your extension management options and choose the method that best fits your needs.

Chrome Browser privacy guide for enterprises

Understand your privacy mode options and how these can help you meet your organization's privacy, data protection and compliance needs.

The browser is the new frontline defence for endpoint security

The browser is no longer just a means of accessing the internet. It is vital to enterprise productivity and web security. This paper dives into the features of Chrome you can leverage in your enterprise to improve your organization’s security posture.

Chrome Enterprise Reporting Connectors

Set up Reporting Connectors to get extended security insights within managed browsers

Chrome Browser Enterprise Support

Get best practices, avoid potential disruptions and minimise user downtime with 24/7 access to a team of Google experts.

Mitigate data breaches and enterprise identity theft with Chrome Browser Password Alert

Understand how the Password Alert policy works and how to set it up in your organisation.

Secure and manage your browser with Chrome Browser Cloud Management

Dive into how Chrome Browser Cloud Management can help you secure browsers centrally, regardless of OS.

Advanced threat and data protection with zero-trust security

Learn how BeyondCorp Enterprise and Chrome Enterprise can help reduce risk and provide simple and secure access to business-critical apps and services across any OS.

Chrome browser security

Put Chrome’s enterprise-grade controls to use in securing your cloud workers and your business across devices and platforms.

Secure enterprise browsing starts with Chrome

See how Chrome supports today's workforce with secure enterprise browsing.

Roche reduces IT maintenance and improves security with Chrome browser
Hackensack Meridian Health
Hackensack Meridian Health reduces support tickets by 25% after standardizing on Chrome browser.
Getty Images
Getty Images improves security for its global employees and freelance creative team with Chrome Browser Cloud Management.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

Increased security and productivity with Chrome browser.

Middlesex Health
How Middlesex Hospital keeps patient data secure and medics productive with Chrome Browser
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