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Chrome Enterprise keeps hybrid employees securely connected to the business apps and data that drive work forward.

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Hybrid work is here to stay

As hybrid work becomes the new normal, organizations need to keep these dynamics in mind while navigating the changing environment.

  • 84% of cloud workers reported that their employer expects them to get work done wherever they are*
  • Standard business processes are more reliant on web-based technology than ever before
  • Workers need tools that support their productivity anywhere, at any time

Chrome Enterprise’s commitment to more flexible ways of working

With Chrome Enterprise, organizations have browser capabilities that make adopting a secure hybrid workforce model more seamless.

  • Maintain security and visibility across all employee devices
  • Give employees quick, secure access to the resources they need to get work done
  • Empower employee productivity with helpful Google tools right in the browser

Chrome Enterprise makes a hybrid work model more attainable for all

With simplified management, robust security, and browser tools that support your employees’ workflows no matter where the workday takes them, Chrome Enterprise is made for flexibility.

  • Management

    Deploy and manage browsers for all users from one place.

  • Security

    Protect corporate data with built-in security and customizable access controls.

  • User experience

    Give employees a seamless user experience in a familiar browser.

  • Productivity

    Enable fast, secure access to cloud-based apps and extensions.

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With Chrome Enterprise, IT can configure your fleet of browsers in a way that keeps security and privacy in focus across your entire organization. Work profiles help keep employee work and personal data separate. When hybrid employees access their work account, Chrome can automatically reflect the browser policies, extension access, data loss prevention, and security controls that have been set by your organization.

To get started, users only need to install Chrome on their device. No additional software or agent is necessary.

Yes. These existing browsers can be enrolled, and you can apply policies to them.

You can manage all Chrome browsers — both in the cloud and on-premises — with Chrome’s management solution. There are policy precedence rules that can help you determine how to best manage your environment.

Chrome Enterprise offers a range of customizable data loss prevention (DLP) options to help protect corporate data. Your organization can choose what types of information to protect and how to enforce that protection in the Google Admin console. For example, you can block the sharing of sensitive information by limiting what users can copy, paste, or print while working in the browser. DLP policies can also scan web pages to identify and block attempts to share sensitive data. IT and security teams can access reporting to monitor DLP enforcement and identify potential security risks.