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Protect your corporate data while allowing users to work securely on the web from anywhere, on any device.

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Chrome’s open ecosystem makes it easy to integrate your existing tools with your browser based on your unique needs, so you can get even more value from your technology stack.

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Discover all the ways you can customize Chrome Enterprise to fit your business needs.

Secure enterprise browsing is a comprehensive solution that combines strong Zero Trust capabilities, customizable controls, and enhanced browser visibility to protect your company and employees across the web. Chrome Enterprise includes the secure-by-design browser and a powerful cloud management tool your IT team can use to manage policies and extensions, with the option to add data loss prevention (DLP) and context-aware access controls.

No, Chrome Enterprise offers security features built into the browser and a simple but powerful cloud management tool. Our Zero Trust solution, BeyondCorp Enterprise, doesn't require any additional downloads/agents. It's controlled in the same cloud management tool where every other browser setting is configured. You also have the option to integrate Chrome with other solutions in your technology stack to amplify your security strategy.

Chrome offers advanced, built-in protections based on learnings from billions of web users. We apply updates to zero-day vulnerabilities and critical fixes faster than other Chromium-based browsers. And because Chrome can update automatically, you have peace of mind knowing your browser fleet reflects protections against the latest threats. Chrome Enterprise includes a cloud management tool that makes it easy to apply Zero Trust and data loss prevention (DLP) to browsers within your organizations without additional software or agents.

BeyondCorp Enterprise is Google’s Zero Trust security framework. It enables a user- and device-based approach to access controls rather than a traditional, perimeter-based model. That means teams can securely manage access to company apps and data without relying on a VPN.


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