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Chrome 企业版的相关资源

通过专享的文章、指南、视频等资源,了解 Chrome 企业版带来的益处。

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Work securely and productively with Chrome Browser

使用 Chrome 浏览器安全而高效地工作

Proactively defend against threats with Chrome Browser

使用 Chrome 浏览器主动防范威胁

Understanding your Chrome Browser policy update options on managed Windows environments

了解受管理的 Windows 环境中的 Chrome 浏览器政策更新选项

Getting started: a guide to managing Chrome Browser extensions in the enterprise

使用入门:有关如何为企业管理 Chrome 浏览器扩展程序的指南

Remote work toolkit: Help articles on setting up Chromebooks for remote work

远程办公工具包:有关如何设置 Chromebook 实现远程办公的帮助文章

Selecting the right Chromebook for your cloud workers guide

云端工作者 Chromebook 挑选指南

Manage change and encourage Chromebook adoption

管理变更和鼓励用户使用 Chromebook

Keep your workforce connected, secure and productive from anywhere


Zero-touch enrollment for Chrome OS devices

适用于 Chrome 操作系统设备的零触摸注册

Watch how you can get started with zero-touch enrollment for Chrome OS devices

观看如何开始使用适用于 Chrome 操作系统设备的零触摸注册

Parallels® desktop for Chromebook Enterprise

Chromebook 企业版专用的 Parallels® desktop

Watch how you can enable Parallels® desktop for Chromebook Enterprise

观看如何启用 Chromebook 企业版专用的 Parallels® desktop

New solutions for accelerating your move to Chrome OS

帮助贵单位加速向 Chrome 操作系统迁移的全新解决方案

Learn the basics about managing your browsers centrally from the cloud


Simplify and centralize managing Chrome Browser in the cloud

在云端更简单地集中管理 Chrome 浏览器

The browser is the new frontline defense for endpoint security

Chrome 浏览器为确保端点安全构建了一道新防线

Mitigate data breaches and enterprise identity theft with Chrome Browser Password Alert

使用 Chrome 浏览器密码防护警示,减少数据泄露和企业身份信息盗用

Learn how to secure your user's passwords in Chrome Browser with Password Alert Policy

了解如何利用密码防护警示政策保护用户在 Chrome 浏览器中的密码

Exporting extension data with Chrome Browser Cloud Management's Takeout API

Exporting extension data with Chrome Browser Cloud Management's Takeout API

Learn how Chrome Browser's Legacy Browser Support extension benefits IT and users alike

了解 Chrome 浏览器的旧版浏览器支持扩展程序可为 IT 人员和用户带来哪些好处

See how you can use Chrome Browser Cloud Management to apply hundreds of browser policies across different platforms and OS versions from a single console.

了解如何使用 Chrome 浏览器云管理通过一个控制台为不同平台和操作系统版本应用数百项浏览器政策。

Simplify extension management and get insight into installed extensions with Chrome Browser Cloud Management.

利用 Chrome 浏览器云管理简化扩展程序的管理流程,并获得有关已安装扩展程序的数据分析。

Admin Essentials: Improving Chrome Browser extension management through permissions

管理员基本知识:通过设置权限更好地管理 Chrome 浏览器扩展程序的使用情况

Security configuration guide: Recommendations and critical considerations for Chrome Browser’s security policies

安全性配置指南:有关 Chrome 浏览器安全政策的建议和重要注意事项

Increasing endpoint security with the Center for Internet Security’s updated Chrome Browser Benchmark

随着互联网安全中心 (CIS) 更新了 Chrome 浏览器基准,端点安全防护效果进一步提升

Chrome Browser privacy guide for enterprises: Understanding your privacy mode options

面向企业的 Chrome 浏览器隐私权政策指南:了解您的隐私模式选项

How to get full payback in six months after switching to Chrome Browser — a Forrester Consulting study summary

如何在改用 Chrome 浏览器后的 6 个月内完全回本 - Forrester Consulting 研究摘要

See what’s new in the latest Chrome Browser release notes

通过最新的 Chrome 浏览器版本说明了解新变化

Learn how to manage Chrome Browser updates in your enterprise

了解如何为企业管理 Chrome 浏览器更新

How Chrome Browser was built with the enterprise in mind

Chrome 浏览器在构建方面是如何做到以企业为本的

Managing Chrome Browser updates in your enterprise

为企业管理 Chrome 浏览器更新

Get more info on Chrome Browser security

详细了解 Chrome 浏览器安全功能

Five things you can do with Chrome Browser to increase employee productivity

借助 Chrome 浏览器提升员工工作效率的五种途径

Deploy Chrome Browser on Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS in your organization

在贵单位的 Windows、Linux 和 Chrome 操作系统上部署 Chrome 浏览器

What is Legacy Browser Support?


Get more info on Legacy Browser Support for Windows

详细了解适用于 Windows 的旧版浏览器支持

Six Chrome Browser policies every IT admin should know

每个 IT 管理员都应该了解的六大 Chrome 浏览器政策

Get more info on Chrome Browser Enterprise Support

详细了解 Chrome 浏览器企业支持服务

Why is Chrome Browser great for your business?

为什么说 Chrome 浏览器非常适合企业使用?

How to make Chrome the default browser for Windows 10 in your domain

如何将 Chrome 设为您网域中 Windows 10 设备的默认浏览器

How to simplify Chrome Browser management on Windows with policy templates

如何使用政策模板简化 Windows 中的 Chrome 浏览器管理

Why web browsers play a critical role in today’s enterprise IT strategies — a Forrester report

网络浏览器为何在当今的企业 IT 策略中发挥关键作用 - Forrester 报告

Cost savings and other benefits your company can achieve with Chrome Browser — a Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact study

公司可通过 Chrome 浏览器节省的费用和享受的其他优势 - Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact(总体经济影响)研究

See how Chrome Browser can financially impact your enterprise — a Forrester Consulting infographic

了解 Chrome 浏览器如何影响企业的经济效益 - Forrester Consulting 信息图

ESG’s "A Day in the Life": How Google uses Chrome Browser and what enterprises can learn

ESG“用户日常掠影”:Google 如何使用 Chrome 浏览器以及这对企业有何启示

Learn how Chrome Browser security protects cloud users

了解 Chrome 浏览器的安全功能如何保护云端用户

Introduce next level browser management to your business


Video conferencing with Chrome OS devices

通过 Chrome 操作系统设备进行视频会议

Get best practices on how to embark on a journey to a cloud workforce


Empower frontline workers with cloud experiences, a Forrester Consulting study

借助云技术助力一线员工 - Forrester Consulting 研究

Learn how to elevate your business by supporting your frontline workforce


Power your frontline workforce with Chrome Enterprise

利用 Chrome 企业版助力一线工作人员

Device and identity management, personalized for your business


Discover business benefits and cost savings enabled by Chrome OS with Google Workspace — a Forrester Consulting study

探索搭配使用 Chrome 操作系统和 Google Workspace 可为企业带来的益处和节省的费用 - Forrester Consulting 研究

Learn how Chrome OS devices impact knowledge workers — a Forrester Consulting study

了解 Chrome 操作系统设备对知识工作者的影响 - Forrester Consulting 研究

Learn how to reduce costs with shared Chrome OS devices for your business — a Forrester Consulting study

了解如何利用共用 Chrome 操作系统设备为公司节约成本 - Forrester Consulting 研究

ESG’s "A Day in the Life": How Google Cloud lets employees work from anywhere

ESG“用户日常掠影”:Google Cloud 如何帮助员工实现随时随地办公

ESG’s "A Day in the Life": How Chrome OS streamlines the employee onboarding process

ESG“用户日常掠影”:Chrome 操作系统如何简化新员工入职培训流程

See how flexible and easy the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade controls are

了解 Chrome 企业版升级许可提供的灵活易用的控制机制

Advanced security, simplified orchestration, flexible access and 24/7 support with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade

Chrome 企业版升级许可提供高级安全功能、简化编排服务、灵活访问机制,以及全天候支持。

How much can Chromebooks lower your total cost of ownership (TCO)?

Chromebook 可以将您的总拥有成本 (TCO) 降低多少?

Connect with a global Cloud Network partner to find the right solutions for your business

联系一家全球 Cloud 网络合作伙伴,找到适合您企业的解决方案

Get more info about Chrome device management

详细了解 Chrome 设备管理

Learn more about Titan C, the Google-designed security chip on Chromebooks

详细了解 Google 为 Chromebook 设计的安全芯片 Titan C

Drop ship Chrome OS devices directly to your users that enroll into enterprise administration automatically

运行 Chrome 操作系统的设备由供应商代发货,直接送达用户手中,并自动注册企业级管理服务

Learn more about the Chrome OS Readiness Tool

详细了解 Chrome OS 就绪程度评估工具

Cloud workers are key to disruption preparedness


Enabling remote work with Chrome Enterprise

利用 Chrome 企业版实现远程办公

Deep dive into Chrome Enterprise’s innovative approach to protecting data and simplifying IT management

深入了解 Chrome 企业版保障数据安全和简化 IT 管理的创新方法。

Learn more about Cloud workers and enterprise technology


Drive productivity, business continuity, and growth by empowering cloud workers


How to protect users and data using device security with Chrome OS

如何使用 Chrome 操作系统的设备安全功能保护用户和数据

See what’s new in the latest Chrome Enterprise release notes

通过最新的 Chrome 企业版版本说明了解新变化

Explore our policy list to help you configure and manage Chrome in your organization

查看我们的政策列表,以便为您的单位配置和管理 Chrome

Modernising IT security with cloud devices — a CCS Insight report

借助云端设备实现 IT 安全现代化 - CCS Insight 报告

Admin Essentials: Preparing your enterprise for flash depreciation

管理员基本知识:让您的企业为 Flash Player 停用做好准备

Admin Essentials: Protecting enterprise credentials with Password Alert


Admin Essentials: Managing Chrome Browser in a controlled environment

管理员基本知识:在受控环境中管理 Chrome 浏览器

Admin Essentials: Troubleshooting with Chrome Browser

管理员基本知识:排查 Chrome 浏览器的相关问题

How Chrome Browser and Chrome OS make your organization’s computing experience more accessible

Chrome 浏览器和 Chrome 操作系统如何为贵单位提供更多无障碍功能

The future of enterprise: Your business, in the browser


Admin Essentials: Enhanced extension reporting with Chrome Browser’s Takeout API

管理员基本知识:利用 Chrome 浏览器 Takeout API 生成增强型扩展程序报告

Admin Essentials: Publishing custom extensions for the enterprise


Next 2020: Advanced update management for Chrome

Next 2020: Advanced update management for Chrome

Next 2020: Deep dive into Chrome extension management

Next 2020: Deep dive into Chrome extension management

Next 2020: Sneak peek: What's to come in Chrome Browser for the enterprise

Next 2020: Sneak peek: What's to come in Chrome Browser for the enterprise

Setting up BeyondCorp Enterprise in Chrome Browser Cloud Management

在 Chrome 浏览器云管理中设置 BeyondCorp Enterprise

Cloud-power IT and employees with Chrome OS

Chrome 操作系统为 IT 人员和工作人员提供强大的云技术

What is Chromebook Enterprise?

Chromebook 企业版是什么?

The leader's tech guide to hybrid work


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Chrome 操作系统和 Chrome 浏览器让您的用户如虎添翼

有了 Chromebook,您的用户和 IT 管理员等都可以轻松工作。让我们帮您找到合您需求的理想解决方案。

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