Power your frontline workforce with cloud-first products

Investing in your frontline workforce is investing in your business. With cloud-first, secure-by-design products, ChromeOS can help.

How ChromeOS can empower your frontline employees

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Frontline workers are the backbone of your business

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Your frontline workforce uses a wealth of knowledge to provide routine and essential services.

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They’re the face of your company — first to interact with a customer or product and first to impact customer experience.

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These workers make up the majority of your workforce and rely on speed and collaboration to get the job done.

Cloud-first products for every use case

Secure and optimize your contact centers

ChromeOS powers contact centers to be cloud-first and improve agent productivity, secure business data, and support IT teams with a stress-free device deployment and management experience.

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Digitize training and engagement

Increase retention and help train the frontline on compliance, HR, and business priorities.


A laptop opened with accessibility features displayed on the screen.
A laptop opened with accessibility features displayed on the screen.

Work remotely or hybrid and stay productive

Allow your frontline support workers to work from anywhere while being productive and secure.


Improve the back of house process

Increase your efficiency with simplified, scalable technology for contact centers, inventory management, manufacturing lines, and more.


Improve the back of house process
A laptop opened with accessibility features displayed on the screen.

Empower front-of-house workers

Fast and flexible technology for frontline support workers leads to a better customer experience and increases revenue.

ChromeOS is the future of your frontline

Enjoy peace of mind with multilayered security

Enjoy peace of mind with multilayered security

  • Built-in virus protection with sandboxing technology that helps contain threats to a single tab or application.
  • Verified boot ensures the operating system has not been tampered with and encrypted storage helps keep data safe.
  • Proactive alerts if an employee navigates to a malicious site that might contain malware or is known for phishing.
Easily deploy and manage devices

Easily deploy and manage devices

  • Fast deployment with cloud profiles that automatically download settings, apps, and bookmarks.
  • 600+ policies and flexible configurations available in the Google Admin console.
  • Regular feature and security updates that can be controlled or set to automatically update.
Give valuable time back to employees

Give valuable time back to employees

  • Seamless multi-user experience across devices with access to apps through the Chrome browser, Managed Google Play, or VDI.
  • Devices boot fast and don’t slow down over time.
  • Security and feature updates happen automatically in the background so they don’t interrupt work

Benefit from substantial savings

Your business can see substantial savings from deploying ChromeOS to your frontline.



Three-year ROI*



More efficient device management*



Higher productivity due to faster reboots*

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*Source: IDC Business Value Snapshot, sponsored by Google ChromeOS, The Business Value of ChromeOS, doc #US50055223, January 2023

Scalable solutions for every organization

Grab and Go with ChromeOS

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Create a better in-store environment for employees and shoppers alike with help from the cloud.

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Take patient care to the next level with cloud-powered solutions that provide timely, secure access to information.

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