Secure and optimize your contact center

ChromeOS enables contact centers to be cloud-first and agile. A cloud contact center improves agent productivity, secures business data, and supports IT teams with stress-free device deployment and management experience.

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Boost agent productivity with the new ChromeOS Desk API.

Customer success starts with ChromeOS

The intuitive, secure by design OS that skyrockets agent productivity and delivers customer success.



average 3-year ROI on ChromeOS devices*



reduced time to resolve per ticket*



less time lost to device reboots*

*Source: A commissioned study conducted by IDC on behalf of Google, "The business value of ChromeOS devices for contact centers", 2022.

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Enhance agent productivity and deliver customer success

Improve agent productivity by 19%, saving up to 3 hours per week in agent downtime with leading agent productivity solutions.

  • Onboard agents quickly with a familiar, intuitive, and error-free user experience.
  • Increase agent productivity with workflow automation capabilities like ChromeOS Desks and background updates.
  • Access cloud-based contact center solutions through the browser or Windows apps through VDI solutions like Citrix and VMware.

Easily deploy devices and manage high turnover rates

Deploy ChromeOS 76% faster than Windows 102 and manage devices from anywhere.

  • Deploy and set up devices in minutes with zero-touch enrollment. No need for imaging or configurations.
  • Access on-prem, legacy or Windows apps with integrated virtualized desktops and the leading contact center solutions, verified by Chrome Enterprise Recommended solutions.
  • Manage devices remotely from the Google Admin console with 500+ configurable cloud-based policies.
A person wearing a mic headset types on a Chromebook while sitting at a desk facing a wall.
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No reported ransomware attacks on ChromeOS, ever.

Secure your business and customer data simply and quickly with built-in and proactive security at every level.

  • Protect your endpoints from viruses and ransomware with built-in security that starts with the Titan C chip.
  • Defend against malicious actors with a read-only operating system that blocks all executables from running and verified boot that ensures the OS is not compromised before booting.
  • Proactive security with sandboxing, data loss prevention, Google Safe Browsing, and data backed up in the cloud.

End-to-end integrated solution

Zero-touch enrollment, built-in security, and premium devices

Leading contact center solutions that have been verified and optimized for ChromeOS

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Tested and verified high-performance peripherals enhance agent productivity and experience

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Between saving 250 hours of device bootup time per shift, re-assigning operational support staff, and reducing support tickets—and based on the amount of tickets solved per hour—we estimate contact-center productivity has improved by 25%

Diego Silva, Technology Supervisor, and Nicolas Fernandez, DevOps Engineer at Mercado Libre

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