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Mercado Libre: Improving contact center productivity with Chrome Enterprise


To maintain rapid growth, popular Latin American ecommerce site Mercado Libre depends on contact center teams in 18 countries—the frontline workers that have direct contact with customers. But IT teams couldn’t repair and maintain the contact centers’ aging PCs in time to keep the teams productive. By equipping PCs with Neverware’s CloudReady software, the IT team reduced its workload and improved contact-center productivity by 25 percent.

About Mercado Libre

Mercado Libre ("free market" in Spanish) is an Argentina-based company that operates online marketplaces dedicated to ecommerce and online auctions. Mercado Libre is Latin America’s most popular ecommerce site, with 174 million users in Latin America.

Industries: Retail & Consumer Goods
Location: South America

Chrome Enterprise Results

Contact center productivity increased by 25%

Reduced operational support needs—from one person for every 150 workers to one person for 300 workers.

Saved 250 hours of device boot-up time per contact center shift.

Improved collaboration across teams and offices with Google Meet and Google Drive.

Gave old devices new life with Chromium OS and Neverware’s CloudReady.

Working from anywhere, across teams and countries

To become a cloud-based company, Mercado Libre introduced Google Workspace and Drive to help employees work flexibly from any device and to collaborate more easily. The company added CloudReady from Google partner Neverware to its existing laptop and desktop PCs so they could run on Chromium OS—avoiding the need to buy new devices. The devices running Chromium OS are easier to set up and can be managed from the Admin console, simplifying adoption and management for teams across several countries.

Using tools like Drive and Google Meet, contact center workers can do their jobs from anywhere and access the files they need to keep working. Contact center team leaders are testing Chromebooks in the office as well as Jamboards in meeting rooms to continue to improve collaboration.

Google helps us keep things simple, which is important when you’re managing technology for thousands of employees in several countries. But while ChromeOS and Google Workspace are easy to use, they’re also dynamic and ready to evolve as we grow the business.

Diego Silva, Technology Supervisor, Mercado Libre

About partners

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Neverware CloudReady provides a flexible, scalable way for organizations to deploy the Chrome environment on almost any hardware and confidently embrace cloud resources. CloudReady is based on Google’s Chromium OS, the same open-source architecture as ChromeOS.