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Panda Restaurant Group: In-store training for cooking the perfect dishes every time


To ensure quality and maintain its brand image, Panda Restaurant Group (PRG) relies on thorough training of its frontline workers. But the company’s restaurants, including Panda Express, typically only had one computer workstation for accessing training modules—and restaurant associates had to compete for training time with colleagues ordering supplies and updating work schedules. By adding shared ASUS Chromebook Flip devices to 400 locations, the associates get thorough training in cooking famous dishes like Original Orange Chicken and Broccoli Beef.

About Panda Restaurant Group

Founded in 1973, Panda Restaurant Group is a world leader in Asian dining experiences and is the parent company of Panda Inn, Panda Express, and Hibachi-San. The company has over 1,750 locations and more than 26,000 employees; in 2016, PRG was named by Forbes as a Best Place to Work.

Industries: Food & Beverage
Location: North America

Chrome Enterprise Results

Added 400 Chromebooks to train frontline workers

Speeded associates’ access to training modules through Chrome Browser, keeping the same great experience across all 400 locations.

Saved time previously spent updating and installing software.

Improved security by locking down Wi-Fi access using Google Admin console.

Durable devices withstand the harsh kitchen and food-prep environments.

Shared tools for consistent training

PRG needed devices that could stand up to the harsh kitchen and food prep environment, eventually choosing the rugged ASUS Chromebook Flip C213. With Google Admin console’s central management tools, PRG’s IT team sets up Chromebooks remotely; the team also uses the Chrome Remote Desktop extension to access Chromebooks and troubleshoot problems. Restaurant associates log into apps like Microsoft Office 365 and training modules from the Chrome Browser. PRG is considering using shared Chromebooks elsewhere in the company, such as guest check-in, to do away with paper forms.

To provide that consistent dining experience, we want to make sure associates are trained properly. The e-modules that employees access on Chromebooks play an important part in making sure that our food is great for all of our customers, every time they visit.

Young Kim, IS Network Administrator, Panda Restaurant Group