GABA uses Chrome Enterprise to provide better English lessons

GABA: Keeping language lessons free of distractions using Chromeboxes and ChromeOS


To better manage lessons, records, and student accounts for its one-to-one English lessons for customers in Japan, GABA built its own operating system and browser-based work environment. But GABA’s IT team spent too much time keeping the school locations’ computers up to date and secure, as well as troubleshooting problems with the proprietary operating system. GABA traded its devices and proprietary systems for ASUS Chromeboxes and Chrome Enterprise—putting an end to system delays and crashes that interrupted language lessons.

About GABA

GABA is Japan’s leading provider of one-to-one English lessons, offering individualized lessons to suit the needs and goals of all learners.

Industries: Education, Retail & Consumer Goods
Location: Japan

Chrome Enterprise Results

Chromeboxes are ready to use in just 10 minutes

Improved the language lesson experience for students.

Added central management of devices using Google Admin Console.

Reduced device setup time to just 10 minutes.

Eliminated compatibility issues with monitors and keyboards.

Easy management of a growing device fleet

GABA wanted a more reliable, less high-maintenance operating system, along with computers that didn’t need device-by-device updates. After testing 16 ASUS Chromeboxes with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, the language school found that delays and crashes were eliminated, which meant student lessons were no longer disrupted. The school purchased 1,000 Chromeboxes for its Learning Studios so that IT administrators could manage devices remotely and eliminate compatibility issues with peripheral devices.

Nothing beats Chromeboxes when you have an increasing number of devices.

Martin Lindner, Senior Systems Engineer for IT Infrastructure, GABA