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Create a Google Admin account with your work email to start using Chrome Browser Cloud Management. Easily manage Chrome deployments across Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS, all from the cloud.

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A more productive way to work in the cloud

Unified Management

IT can easily manage their deployments all from within one console.

Enterprise-grade controls

Configure Chrome to meet your security, compliance and productivity business needs.

Visibility and reporting

Get increased visibility into your deployment and make better data driven decisions in Chrome Browser Cloud Management.

Extension management

View the extensions being used in your organization all in one place. And approve, install and block extensions directly through the console.

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Google doesn’t charge a fee for Chrome Browser Cloud Management.
Yes and good news - you can use your existing account! Log in to your account and start leveling up your browser management.
With its easy-to-use cloud interface, no scripting or GPO knowledge is required for IT teams using Chrome Browser Cloud Management.
You can either use Chrome Browser Cloud Management as your sole browser management solution, or you can continue to use your on-premise management tool and use Chrome Browser Cloud Management to get visibility and reporting into your browsers.
No worries - we created an assessment tool just for that! Take the assessment here.
Yes. Chrome makes Group Policy templates available for on-premises management for organizations not quite ready to move management to the cloud. You can also integrate our cloud management capabilities with several Unified Endpoint Management providers, if you prefer to use their console.
Yes, Chrome on Chrome OS is also managed through the Google Admin console, but some capabilities may require Chrome Enterprise Upgrade. See here for more information.
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