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Keep users connected to the web and critical apps with Chrome Enterprise support. Looking for self-service support? Check out our Help Center.

Have 24/7 direct online and phone access to a team of experts at Google to help troubleshoot potential issues and avoid user downtime.

Many enterprises already have Chrome Enterprise support through:

  • Google Workspace licenses*
  • Chrome Enterprise Upgrade (CEU) licenses across ChromeOS or ChromeOS Flex*
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Enhanced and Premium Support
  • If your organization meets this criteria, you can start opening support tickets today.
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Need standalone support? Check out Google's Chrome Enterprise Support offering:

  • Minimum of 1,000 licenses
  • Priced per user or through a site license
  • Billed offline yearly
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Direct access to dedicated experts

With support, your organization can receive:

  • Cross-platform support

    Get fast and reliable support for Chrome browser on Windows, Mac, Linux, and ChromeOS — and help with the Google Admin console — online or over the phone.

  • Help with policy management

    Ensure policy enforcement by managing and configuring hundreds of policies across Windows Group Policy and Chrome Enterprise Core, with expert-level help.

  • Support for configuring legacy apps

    Get help setting up and managing Legacy Browser Support, which helps your users seamlessly access older apps that are incompatible with modern browsers.

  • Extra security and more governance

    Highly secure pin-based access to support services allows only authorized and current admins to access services on behalf of your organization.