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With Chrome’s cloud management, aligning your enterprise browser settings with your unique business needs is simple, secure, and comes at no extra cost.

Check out the video to learn how fast, simplified browser management makes life a little easier for IT teams.

Take back time and cut back on costs

Between hybrid work environments and a growing list of security threats, today’s IT leaders have a lot to juggle. Managing Chrome in a centralized, cloud-based solution saves IT from unnecessary costs, time, and headaches. 

Read the study *Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Google, The Total Economic Impactof Google Chrome Browser Cloud Management, 2023.
  • month payback*

  • 75%

    time savings on testing, imaging, and updates*

  • 30%

    reduction in service desk tickets*

  • 20%

    time savings for app testing*

Take the assessment and discover the ideal approach to browser management for your business. 

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Get the most out of Chrome for your organization with Chrome Browser Cloud Management today

Give IT the advantage of powerful and flexible management capabilities in the cloud for more productive work.

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Get more out of Chrome for your organization by making it your default browser today

Employees at your company already benefit from Chrome browser's built-in security.

Get even more out of Chrome with management tools that give actionable insights into deployment plus the ability to customize and manage Chrome to improve user productivity and compliance.

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Download Chrome today and get users started with a browser they know and love.

Chrome gives your business better built-in security, user productivity tools, and management functionality for IT.

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As you're largely moved to the cloud, Chrome Browser Cloud Management will give you more insight and control of browser policies to reliably manage across devices and operating systems more efficiently.

As you're migrating to the cloud, Chrome Browser Cloud Management can give you more insight and control across devices and operating systems while your users get more work done on the web.

As you haven’t moved to the cloud, our policy templates could be a good fit for your browser management. on-premises. When you’re ready, Chrome Browser Cloud Management can give you even more visibility and reporting from the cloud.

Your organization is already taking advantage of cloud-based management tools. With Chrome Browser Cloud Management, you can unlock even better visibility and reporting into browser usage across operating systems and get better control of extensions.

You could benefit from complementing your existing management tools like Jamf, Workspace one, VMware, and Intune. Additionally, Chrome Browser Cloud Management integrates with many of them for greater functionality.

You manage by policy or on-premises software, which is great. For organizations that use traditional methods of managing their browser, there can still be value to rolling out Chrome Browser Cloud Management too.

You could benefit from taking advantage of reporting capabilities for added visibility into browser information by enrolling browsers into Chrome’s cloud management tool, while still managing your policies through on-premises approaches.

You are currently not managing your browser, so you could benefit a great deal from Chrome Browser Cloud Management. It allows you to get greater visibility into browser details, so IT admins can make better decisions around how to enable users and secure their organization. And it’s easy to get started.

  1. Set policies that keep your employees and corporate data secure right from the cloud.
  2. See what policies are set across browsers and export important data.
  3. Get more insight into the extensions across your deployment, pin specific extension versions, and install or block extensions directly from the console.
  4. See reports and control versions of Chrome to keep your organization secure and compliant.

  1. Provide IT with an easy-to-use console that manages your browser across Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices.
  2. Set policies and force install extensions with only a few clicks directly from the cloud - no group policy or scripting knowledge is required.
  3. Give IT visibility into browser details, so they can make better decisions around how to enable users and secure their organization.
  4. Integrate with other cloud-based tools your organization may already be using for management.

  1. Customize Chrome for your users by setting bookmarks, pre-installing extensions, and applying default homepages to give employees fast access to the sites and tools they need.
  2. Give IT the ability to remotely troubleshoot common browser tasks, so employees can get back to work with minimal disruption.
  3. Allow users to switch seamlessly between modern and legacy browsers with Legacy Browser Support.
  4. Let users request the extensions they need in the Chrome Web Store for IT approval.

Have questions about Chrome management?

Chat with a Google Expert and learn how to unlock the full potential of enterprise browsing across your organization.

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Our recommended approach to managing Chrome is to use the cloud-based browser management tool available at no cost in the Google Admin console. We offer integrations with several unified endpoint management tools. You can also manage Chrome on-premises by either downloading the bundle or the standalone ADM/ADMX templates.

Chrome’s cloud management solution gives IT cross-platform management capabilities and reporting from the Google Admin console at no additional cost. The policy templates are also available for direct download. Additional capabilities around data loss prevention and Zero Trust access are available for an additional fee.

Yes. These existing browsers can be enrolled and you can apply policies to them.

Users can see that their browser is being managed by selecting More at the top right of their browser, where they'll see "Managed by your organization" in the menu.

Yes. If you set up Chrome management in the Admin console, you can enroll the browsers you want to get reporting on and gain insights without applying policies until you are ready.

You can manage all browsers — both in the cloud and on-premises — with Chrome’s management solution. There are policy precedence rules that can help you determine how to best manage your environment.

Visit the Google Chrome Enterprise Help Center to browse support topics or get help from the Chrome community. If you have an enterprise support plan, you can also chat, email, or call a Google Expert for direct support.

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