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Get advanced security protections with Chrome Enterprise Premium.

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Chrome Enterprise brings scaled security, added controls, customizable policies, and easy integrations to the browser users already know and love.

Interested in Chrome for personal use instead? Visit chrome.com to see the differences.

Configure and manage policies, settings, apps, and extensions across your entire browser fleet with one tool. With Chrome Enterprise Core, centralized browser management comes at no additional cost.

    Complete cross-platform management

    Customize Chrome with Chrome Enterprise Core, and meet the needs of your business from a single place, no matter your users’ operating system, device, or location. Choose the browser policies, settings, apps, and extensions that make sense for your company.

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    Valuable insights and enhanced visibility

    Make better-informed security decisions with a more detailed overview of your browser ecosystem. Chrome Enterprise Core offers comprehensive visibility into browser versions, apps, extensions, and policies.

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    Extension management and reporting made easy

    Maintain oversight and control of your fleet’s extensions, easily. IT and security teams can set up policies that make it simple to approve or deny extension requests, keeping security compliance in check.

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    Seamless integration with your tech stack

    Our open ecosystem is designed for seamless integration. Connect Chrome’s cloud management tool with vendors like Microsoft Intune, VMware Workspace ONE, Jamf Pro, and more.

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With Chrome Enterprise, you’re in good company

Companies spanning all sizes and locations download and count on Chrome Enterprise every day.

Chrome is secure by default, and we also offer more advanced solutions so you can set the security level that’s right for your business. Boost your browser and peace of mind with Zero Trust access, data loss prevention, malware detection, and more.

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    Essential controls at no additional cost

    • Set and manage browser policies across your entire organization
    • Automate browser updates across devices
    • Control and manage extensions to meet your security compliance needs
    • Access reporting and insights that enable a proactive approach to security
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    Advanced security with Chrome Enterprise Premium

    • Enable Zero Trust and context-aware access to SaaS and web-based apps
    • Set data loss prevention (DLP) policies and block transfers of sensitive information with user warnings
    • Avoid web attacks with real-time URL and malware scanning
    • Inspect, analyze, and block malicious files automatically
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Browser resources for your business

Explore these resources and learn how to make the most of Chrome.

Filter by operating system

  • Quick start guide for Windows

    Deploy and manage Chrome across your fleet of managed Microsoft Windows devices.

    Read documentation
  • How to deploy Chrome in Windows

    Learn how your Microsoft Windows administrator can deploy Chrome across your organization.

    Read documentation
  • Make Chrome the default browser in Windows 10 and above

    Set Chrome as the default browser across your company’s Microsoft Windows environment.

    Read documentation
  • Manage browser updates

    Explore the technical documentation for keeping Chrome up to date.

    Read documentation
  • Chrome update options for Windows devices

    Learn all the available options for updating Chrome in Windows.

    Read guide
  • Legacy browser support for Windows

    Set policies to determine which URLs open in an alternative browser.

    Read documentation
  • Install and manage extensions

    Maintain extension oversight across browsers in your Windows environment using Chrome’s cloud-based management tool.

    Read documentation
  • Set up security and insight reporting

    Configure Chrome to report security events across your browser fleet.

    Read documentation
  • Quick start guide for Mac

    Deploy and manage Chrome across your fleet of managed Apple Mac devices.

    Read documentation
  • Create a deployment package for Mac

    Learn how to create and deploy a custom installation package with your MDM tool.

    Read documentation
  • Set up security and insight reporting

    Configure Chrome to report security events across your browser fleet.

    Read documentation
  • Manage browser updates on Mac devices

    Learn how to manage Chrome browser updates across your Mac devices.

    Read documentation
  • Enroll browsers with Jamf Pro

    Enforce browser policies across Mac devices by enrolling Chrome through Jamf Pro.

    Read documentation
  • Manage browser updates

    Explore the technical documentation for keeping Chrome up to date.

    Read documentation
  • Explore policy management options

    Check out over 400 available policies to help you customize Chrome to fit your business needs.

    Explore policies
  • Best practices for managing Chrome

    Simplify and centralize managing Chrome in the cloud.

    Read guide
  • Manage extensions across your enterprise

    Learn best practices for effectively managing browser extensions at scale.

    Read the guide
  • Get started with Chrome’s cloud management

    Get step-by-step guidance for setting up Chrome’s cloud management in the Google Admin console.

    Read documentation
  • Set browser policies across managed devices

    Learn how to use on-premise tools to set policies across your fleet of browsers.

    Read documentation
  • Manage browser updates

    Explore the technical documentation for keeping Chrome up to date.

    Read documentation
  • Manage Chrome from the cloud

    Get comprehensive guidance for managing your browser fleet from the cloud.

    Read documentation
  • Enroll browsers on Android and iOS

    Explore your options for enforcing Chrome browser policies across enrolled Android and iOS devices.

    Read documentation
  • Manage Chrome on Android

    Deploy and manage Chrome for users on Android devices.

    Read documentation
  • Manage Chrome on iOS

    Learn how to manage Chrome across iOS devices with VMware Workspace ONE.

    Read documentation
  • Dive deeper into ChromeOS

    Explore what’s possible with a cloud-first operating system for your enterprise.

    Visit website
  • Quick start for ChromeOS devices

    Deploy managed Chromebooks and other ChromeOS devices across your organization.

    Read documentation
  • Chrome Enterprise and ChromeOS release notes

    Stay up to date with the latest releases from Chrome Enterprise and ChromeOS.

    Read documentation
  • Manage updates on ChromeOS devices

    Learn how to manage ChromeOS updates across your organization’s devices.

    Read documentation
  • Get started with ChromeOS devices

    Learn how to enroll, deploy, and remotely manage ChromeOS devices across your organization.

    Read documentation
  • Upgrade PCs and Macs with ChromeOS Flex

    Discover how to modernize existing PCs and Macs with a cloud-first, easy-to-manage operating system.

    Try ChromeOS Flex

Any questions?

Chrome Enterprise refers to our enterprise offerings that support deploying, managing, and securing Chrome browser within businesses. In addition to the browser itself, it offers organizations a built-in and scaled approach to security, centralized browser management controls, and open integration, enabling businesses to be more innovative, productive, and secure. There are also additional advanced protections that organizations can purchase, including enhanced data protections and Zero Trust access controls.

Chrome is available to download and deploy at no cost. There is also no charge to sign up for Chrome browser’s cloud-based management. For pricing and information about the advanced protections offered by Chrome Enterprise Premium, talk to an expert.

There is no separate enterprise version of Chrome browser itself. Rather, businesses can opt to use Chrome Enterprise management tools and controls that offer protections and resources that are particularly beneficial for businesses — all on the same browser that powers billions of users globally every day. These companies can also manage user-installed versions of Chrome through policy configurations.

Users can see if Chrome is managed by an organization by: 1. Opening Chrome 2. At the top right, selecting More 3. Checking the bottom of the menu. “Managed by your organization,” signals that the browser is managed.

You can find the step-by-step guide here.

There are a few options available to IT teams for updating Chrome for their enterprise. You can use automatic updates (what our team recommends, as you’ll receive critical security fixes and new features as they become available), manually update Chrome, or use our extended stable channel which updates Chrome every 8 weeks.

Visit the Google Chrome Enterprise Help Center to browse support topics or get help from the Chrome community. If you have an enterprise support plan, you can also chat, email, or call a Google Expert for direct support.

Chrome releases a new milestone roughly every 4 weeks. Our enterprise release notes highlight major changes and updates of interest to our enterprise customers. You can sign up to receive email updates if you prefer.

Yes, Chrome on ChromeOS devices like Chromebooks is also managed through the Google Admin console, but some capabilities may require the Chrome browser management tool. See here for more information.

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