Enterprise data security at the browser layer

Secure by design, Chrome browser enables IT to provide trusted, productivity-boosting apps to their users and keep corporate data protected.

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The Browser is the New Frontline Defense for Endpoint Security

The Browser is the New Frontline Defense for Endpoint Security

The browser is no longer just a means of accessing the internet. It is vital to enterprise productivity and security. This paper dives into the features of Chrome you can leverage in your enterprise to improve your organization’s security posture.

Built-in protection

Built-in protection

Protect company data and users while making sure employees can work without interruption.

Safe Browsing enables warnings to appear automatically when users attempt to navigate to dangerous sites or download malicious files.
Automatic updates run in the background every six weeks or sooner to keep browsers current with the latest security patches.
Sandboxing prevents malicious web pages from installing malware, while site isolation puts pages from websites into different processes, stopping malicious sites from stealing data from other sites.
Password Alert warns users to change their corporate password if they have reused it on a non-corporate site.

Policies you can customize for your organization

Easy-to-control policies help IT meet security and compliance needs and maintain user productivity.

Enforce policies by permission or runtime across a wide range of criteria to control what can be accessed by users. Allow or block extensions based on policy.
Manage privacy modes and policies centrally to ensure secure and private browsing experiences for guest or public devices.
Legacy Browser Support limits the time users spend in their legacy browser by redirecting to the alternate browser only for configured apps.
Policy and controls
Learn how Duo Security protects customer data with Chrome Enterprise

Advanced threat and data protection

Meet BeyondCorp Enterprise, Google’s new zero trust offering that provides simple and secure access to business-critical applications and services, with threat and data protection delivered through Chrome. Get a closer look at BeyondCorp Enterprise within Chrome in our technical paper. Benefits include:

  • Safeguarding against phishing and malware
  • Protecting sensitive data
  • Configuring security and compliance controls easily
  • Getting visibility and insights into potential online threats
About BeyondCorp Enterprise
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Enterprise support plan

Get best practices, troubleshoot potential issues, and avoid user downtime with 24/7 Chrome Browser Enterprise Support from a team of Google experts.

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Visit our help center for support articles.

A more manageable browser is a more secure browser

Get unified browser management and visibility across operating systems with Chrome Browser Cloud Management.

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Rely on one tool across operating systems

A single web interface helps IT set and manage security policies and provides the same secure experience across operating systems.

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Improve security and visibility

View browser inventory and extension reporting to help support governance and compliance efforts.

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Configure your browser for enterprise security needs

Manage what happens to corporate data with Chrome Browser Cloud Management and take it out at any time.

Chrome help kit

Chrome Help Kit

We’ve created a Chrome help kit which includes three user-friendly documents with quick tips on productivity, privacy, and security, for you to share with your end users.

Browser security resources

How Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina increased security and productivity with Chrome browser.
The Climate Corporation
The Climate Corporation uses Chrome browser for a more connected and productive workforce.
Middlesex Health
How Middlesex Hospital keeps patient data secure and medics productive with Chrome browser
Chrome browser helps Vertex keep customer tax data secure and confidential.
Advanced threat and data protection with zero trust security

Learn how BeyondCorp Enterprise and Chrome Enterprise can help reduce risk and provide simple and secure access to business-critical apps and services across any OS.

Chrome Browser Enterprise Support

Get best practices, avoid potential disruptions, and minimize user downtime with 24/7 access to a team of Google experts.

Secure and manage your browser with Chrome Browser Cloud Management

Dive into how Chrome Browser Cloud Management can help you secure browsers centrally, regardless of OS.

Mitigate data breaches and enterprise identity theft with Chrome browser Password Alert

Understand how Password Alert policy works and how to set it up in your organization.

Chrome browser security

Put Chrome’s enterprise-grade controls to use in securing your cloud workers and your business across devices and platforms.

Chrome browser enterprise security configuration guide

Learn about the trade-offs you need to consider when deciding security policies to enable and disable.

Chrome browser enterprise extensions guide

Explore your extension management options and choose the method that best fits your needs.

Chrome browser privacy guide for enterprises

Understand your privacy mode options and how these can help you meet your organization’s privacy, data protection and compliance needs.

Center for Internet Security (CIS) Chrome browser Benchmark

Learn how to increase endpoint security with these set of recommendations.

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Learn about browser management

Explore browser management

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