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Get and manage Chrome Enterprise to take advantage of built-in and scaled security, added controls and policies, and easy integrations.

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Manage Chrome and gain insights from one place

Chrome allows you to configure and manage browser policies, settings, apps and extensions across your browsers, and do it all from a single console—even if your workforce uses multiple operating systems and devices. And, there is no added cost.

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  • Visibility
  • Extensions
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Managed Browsers

Easy, centralized, cross-platform management

A single destination for configuring and managing browser policies, settings, apps and extensions across Chrome browser—across OS, device, or location.

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Chrome versions

Gain more insights

Better visibility into the browser means you can make better decisions to enable and protect your end users. With Chrome Browser Cloud Management, you get insights into the versions, apps, extensions and policies set across your browsers.

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Chrome Apps and Extensions

Extension reporting and management

Get visibility into the extensions in your environment today and set up management and policies around how you want to handle extensions within your enterprise.

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Jamf, Microsoft Intune and VMWare

Seamless integration with your management stack

Chrome management works across your existing IT stack, integrating with vendors like Microsoft Intune, VMware Workspace ONE, Jamf PRO and more.

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Chrome management set up, made simple

Follow these three steps to start your browser management journey today.

step 1

Sign up

Sign up for Chrome Browser Cloud Management. Create an account in the Google Admin console.

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Step 2


Enroll your browsers. For step by step instructions, you can use this handy help center guide.

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step 3

Set Policies

Set policies and view reports. Customize controls across your organization.

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Need to stick with on-premise management?

While managing Chrome from the cloud brings many benefits to organizations, if you prefer on-prem solutions you can also use group policy templates in our enterprise bundle to set policies for your browsers through Microsoft® Active Directory®. Get access to 400+ policies that you can use to customize your browser through our ADM/ADMX templates. For Mac environments, policy lists are available too.

Download ADM/ADMX templates

Take your enterprise browser further: Add zero trust protections to Chrome

On top of Chrome’s built-in security capabilities and cloud-based controls, enterprises can add DLP and zero trust access with BeyondCorp Enterprise.

Protection against Malware & Phishing

Advanced malware, phishing and credential protection

  • Inspect, analyze and block malicious files
  • Real-time URL scanning and malware deep scanning
  • Protect enterprise credentials from unauthorized reuse

Data loss prevention

  • Block transfers of sensitive information
  • Enforce data protection policies in Chrome and trigger user warnings

Ready to enable zero trust

  • Enable zero trust and context-aware access to SaaS and web-based apps
  • Apply access controls, even to unmanaged devices

Find resources to get you started

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  • Mac
  • Manage Policy
  • Android and iOS
  • ChromeOS

Get answers, quick

Google Chrome Enterprise includes the browser, the OS, and devices for businesses. Management options are also available. See more here. To download Chrome browser for the enterprise, kick off the download process on this page. You can then deploy it to your users with your preferred software deployment approach.
Chrome and Chrome management are available at no cost to your organization.
Chrome is the same browser whether you're using it for personal use or at work. In enterprise environments, Chrome might be managed. Check to see if a browser is managed here. For IT teams, we have a comparison chart outlining the differences between a managed vs. unmanaged instance of Chrome.
IT teams can make Chrome the default browser for their users following the steps here.
There are a few options available to IT teams for updating Chrome for their enterprise. You can use automatic updates (what our team recommends, as you’ll receive critical security fixes and new features as they become available), manually update Chrome, or use our extended stable channel which updates Chrome every 8 weeks.
Get 24/7 access to best practices, help with troubleshooting potential issues, and avoid user downtime with Chrome browser support. Many enterprises already have access to this service. If you’re looking for self-service support, use our help center.
Chrome releases a new milestone roughly every 4 weeks. Our enterprise release notes highlight major changes and updates of interest to our enterprise customers. You can sign up to receive email updates if you prefer.
Yes, Chrome on Chrome OS is also managed through the Google Admin console, but some capabilities may require Chrome Enterprise Upgrade. See here for more information.