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The cloud-based operating system at the heart of every ChromeOS device.

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Focus on the work that you love while ChromeOS takes care of the IT

  • Google experts are here to help, available 24/7. From choosing the right device to onboarding a new employee, work confidently with Google Support.
  • Zero reported ransomware attacks, ever. Feel safe online with security that's built-in, so that you don't have to configure or deploy anything.
  • 63% faster to set up* than other operating systems. Get started quickly with features like zero-touch enrolment and remote device management.

*Source: IDC Business Value Snapshot, sponsored by Google ChromeOS, The Business Value of ChromeOS, doc #US50055223, January 2023

Activate productivity anywhere and everywhere

  • Every device for every employee. Make shareable devices hassle-free and secure with managed Guest sessions. ChromeOS devices auto-wipe all data and settings when a user logs out.
  • Your workspace moves with you. For frontline workers moving between care locations, inventory floors, receptions and meetings, Cloud Profile saves settings, data and work so that you can switch between devices with your workspace at your fingertips.
  • All the apps that you need and none that you don't. Lock devices to only the apps and tools that your employees need.
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Save time and money

  • One console to manage it all. Save on time and training costs by managing ChromeOS devices on the familiar Google Admin console used to manage Google Workspace.
  • Good for your pocket and the planet. Upgrade your old devices with ChromeOS Flex for free or save $3,901 per managed ChromeOS device over a three-year cost of operations.*
  • No more patch Tuesdays. Reduce the total cost of operations by 44% over three years.*

Source: IDC Business Value Snapshot, sponsored by Google ChromeOS, The Business Value of ChromeOS, doc #US50055223, January 2023

Your frontline is the heart of your business

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Customer experiences

Provide a clutter-free web experience on shared devices to allow your employees to deliver great customer experiences with ChromeOS.

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Mobile worker

Enable on-the-go workers with secure, productive, shareable devices designed for simple login and logout.

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Inventory management

Make inventory management hassle-free with durable and portable ChromeOS devices that can be securely shared by every employee.

Chromebooks for your business

Devices for every need

ChromeOS devices offer a range of performance, form factors, end-user features and more. Whatever your business needs, ChromeOS has a device for it.

Explore ChromeOS devices

Chrome Enterprise upgrade

Chrome Enterprise upgrade provides a simple and secure way to manage your ChromeOS devices with 24/7 Google Support at no additional cost. Improve ROI and lower employee downtime with long-lasting ChromeOS devices.

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*The MSRP of Chrome Enterprise upgrade is US$50 per device, per year. However, prices may vary by region and reseller. Please contact your reseller for the specific pricing available to you in your area.

Chrome Enterprise upgrade

Where to buy

Contact Chrome Enterprise sales experts or resellers to find the right ChromeOS device for your organisation.

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Small business resources

Calbag adopted ChromeOS devices to simplify the transition to the cloud for their 80-person small business.
ChromeOS devices and ChromeOS Flex have made the Brake Masters experience smooth and trouble-free for just about everyone in the business.
Using Pixelbooks and ChromeOS, HackerOne saved 150 hours each quarter on software updates.
Chrome Enterprise upgrade

Advanced security, simplified orchestration, flexible access and 24/7 support with Chrome Enterprise upgrade.

Chrome Enterprise security

Find out how Chrome Enterprise security helps to keep your business safe in the cloud.

The business value of ChromeOS

IDC's research shows that ChromeOS is a cost-effective, efficient, secure and reliable operating system that provides significant business value. Study participants saw many benefits, including lower costs, higher ROI and operational improvements, from using ChromeOS and ChromeOS devices across multiple use cases.

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Join a roundtable of leaders from Google, IDC, HOTWORX and Hackensack Meridian Health to learn how ChromeOS can be the secure, easy-to-manage solution that enables organisations to save costs, power their workforce and keep employees productive.

Flex your existing PCs or Macs

Get more out of your devices by converting them with ChromeOS Flex.

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