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HackerOne: Automatic updates reduce security worries


HackerOne is a bug bounty platform that helps companies find and eliminate security vulnerabilities. Since security is the company’s reason for being, employees need secure devices that protect customer data and are easy to manage. Pixelbooks and ChromeOS offer unparalleled security, while Google Meet hardware connects employees around the world when they need to collaborate on projects.

About HackerOne

Fortune 500 and Forbes Global 1,000 companies trust HackerOne to test and secure the applications they depend on to run their businesses. HackerOne partners with the global hacker community to surface the most relevant security issues of its customers before they can be exploited by criminals.

Industries: Technology
Location: United States

Chrome Enterprise Results

150 hours saved quarterly on software updating

Eliminated time needed to update operating systems and apply security patches.

Added user-friendly features to improve email and login security.

Reduced costs and admin time for running meetings.

Standardized on Chrome Browser to extend security tools to all employees.

Stronger Security

HackerOne saves valuable IT time by using Pixelbooks with ChromeOS that update automatically whenever users restart their devices, reducing IT admin and improving security. To further strengthen security, HackerOne uses the Google Admin Console to add features like the Phish Alert Button from KnowBe4, and the Password Alert extension for Chrome Browser.

Now that HackerOne has standardized on Chrome Browser, the company is looking for opportunities to add other Chrome-friendly devices. Google Meet hardware allows employees in the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and the Netherlands to easily run meetings instead of managing complex conferencing systems.

A big reason people get breached is that their computers’ operating systems and applications aren’t up to date. Pixelbooks auto-update from the first day you use them—and users don’t even need to think about updates.

Reed Loden, Director of Security, HackerOne