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BioDot creates better biotech applications with ChromeOS and Google Workspace


BioDot started its transition to Google services back in 2009 when they started using Gmail. After discovering the versatility and affordability of the rest of Google Workspace’s cloud-first toolset that features apps such as Drive, Google Meet, and Docs, the lab-dispensing-equipment manufacturer soon decided to replace its clunky, outdated equipment with Android and Chrome devices.

About BioDot

Started in 1994 by a former research and development engineer at Nokia Bell Labs, BioDot is a low-volume dispensing manufacturer that specializes in building premium non-contact and quantitative fluid-dispensing systems.

Industries: Technology
Location: USA

Instant setup time, faster brainstorming sessions

Chromebook security and fast deployment enable IT to save time across the globe

Increased productivity on the go with Chromebooks.

Easier device management for IT from one platform.

Faster iterations with Google Workspace allow for better product design in a shorter time frame.

Switching to Google Workspace and ChromeOS has significantly helped BioDot’s operations run smoother and more affordably. Cloud-based devices foster a working environment where employees are free to create, connect, and collaborate together. Using Google Meet to conduct video conferences across long distances and different time zones has also saved the company thousands of dollars in travel expenses.

Each Chromebook takes minutes to set up — no time-consuming installations required. As BioDot’s sole IT staff member, it can be difficult to quickly deploy new devices while ensuring the security of every company device around the world. Chrome makes this easier.

Dan Tisone, VP of Global IT, BioDot