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Azavea uses Chromebooks and Google Meet hardware to build geospatial apps for civic and social impact


The more their workforce expanded, the more Azavea outgrew its legacy systems. Chromebooks, Google Meet hardware and Google Workspace, gave this certified B Corporation affordable tools to continue creating geospatial software for civic and social impact.

About Azavea

Azavea is a certified B Corporation who creates civic geospatial software and data analytics for the web. Since 2000, Azavea has solved issues in a wide range of domains: urban ecosystems, water, infrastructure planning, economic development, public transit, elections, public safety, energy, and more.

Industries: Technology
Location: USA

Beyond collaboration

8+ years using Google Cloud company-wide

Chromebooks and Google Meet now used for most video conferences.

More productivity on the go with Chromebooks’ long battery life.

Reduced technical maintenance work.

In 2008, Azavea began using Google Workspace products to help employees work closely together on software and analytics projects. Now, the growing geospatial web firm relies on Chromebooks to build a more collaborative environment in the office.

Google Cloud has significantly enhanced our company’s operations because Chromebooks and Google Meet hardware simply work and easily scale as the company has grown. Our teams are able to work effectively together, no matter where we are.

Robert Cheetham, Founder and CEO, Azavea

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