Build a sustainable future with ChromeOS

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Sustainable IT with ChromeOS

Discover the sustainability benefits of ChromeOS across the lifecycle of your computing devices.

Manufactured responsibly

ChromeOS partners such as HP, Acer and Lenovo make devices with sustainable principles, including using recycled materials, ocean plastics, recyclable packaging and low carbon emission manufacturing processes.

Consumed responsibly

ChromeOS devices are built with efficient power management capabilities that enable as much as 46% less energy consumption* than comparable competitor devices.

Reused responsibly

ChromeOS Flex is the sustainable way to modernise PCs and Macs that you already own, reducing electricity consumption and associated emissions by an average of 19%.**

*Sutton-Parker, J. (2020), ‘Determining end user computing device Scope 2 GHG emissions with accurate use phase energy consumption measurement’. 1877-0509. Amsterdam, the Netherlands: Science Direct, Elsevier B.V.

**Sutton-Parker, J. (2022), ‘Quantifying greenhouse gas abatement delivered by alternative computer operating system displacement strategies’. 1877-0509. Procedia Computer Science, Volume 203, 2022, Pages 254-263. Amsterdam, the Netherlands: Science Direct, Elsevier B.V.

Doing our part to preserve our planet

ChromeOS supports Google’s mission to protect the environment and our planet alongside our customers, partners and larger communities.

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Contributing to a carbon-free future

ChromeOS was born in the cloud and introduced a modern, more sustainable way of computing, contributing towards Google’s climate action commitments.

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Conserving energy responsibly

ChromeOS is sustainable by design with built-in capabilities such as efficient charging, low power state loads and adaptive light control for optimised energy consumption.

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Reducing e-waste and prolonging device lifecycles

ChromeOS offers a modern computing experience through device sharing, durable components and eight years of OS updates. ChromeOS Flex extends the lifespan of PCs and Macs making them useful for longer.

Sustainability in enterprise tech resources

ChromeOS helps local council in the UK reduce carbon footprint

Learn how Kingston and Sutton Councils reduced their energy consumption by 32% with ChromeOS, Acer and Citrix.

ChromeOS and partners work towards a sustainable future

Read about how ChromeOS provides sustainable computing software and hardware through our ecosystem of partners and customers committed to driving systemic change.

From E-waste to eco-friendly with ChromeOS Flex

Discover how the tech industry is contributing to e-waste globally, and how ChromeOS Flex can curb this problem.

Nordic Choice Hotels saves carbon and costs

Learn how the hotel group converted 2,000 computers to ChromeOS in record time to recover from a major ransomware attack and work towards their sustainability goals.

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