An Enterprise Solution built for the cloud workforce

Whether on the front lines or in the front office, all of us have the potential to be cloud workers – and when we work in the cloud together, our businesses gain a competitive edge.

An Enterprise Solution built for the cloud age

The way we work has changed

Today’s jobs require real-time collaboration and seamless, instant access to information. This new reality of working is made possible by the cloud.



of UK information workers are cloud workers.*



Nearly all (93%) of UK enterprises either have a cloud-first strategy or are prioritising cloud.*



of UK IT decision makers indicate that their organisations will aim to provide all employees with cloud-based access to business applications.

*Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Google, "Cloud Workers Are Key To Disruption Preparedness", 2020.

Journey to a cloud workforce

Journey to a cloud workforce

The web browser is often the beginning of the journey for cloud-minded organisations. It’s where users are accessing an increasing number of web and cloud-based apps. Using the browser to complete work helps drive companies closer to their digital transformation.
Traditional browser management approaches are time consuming and error-prone. Moving to a cloud-based approach to management can provide valuable insights and allow IT teams to set and enforce policies easily from a central place. Cloud management also lets IT take advantage of automatic updates – now a standard best practice, not only for browsers but for operating systems as well.
In conjunction with choosing the early technology adopters based on employee segmentation, determine which business use cases are good candidates for cloud-first devices and map them to relevant technology needs.
After deciding to transition the workforce to cloud-first devices, an organisation must answer two questions before launching a pilot programme: which employees are good candidates to become early adopters of these devices? And what are the real barriers to adoption?
Keep the momentum going to optimize cloud success. Finesse the great work you’ve already done and build a business case for new use cases using the Chromebook Smart Investment Calculator for Enterprise.
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Chromebooks have given Ervia’s IT department more credibility and trust from employees. Employees listen to our new ideas for becoming a cloud-first organization because Chromebooks were such a successful rollout

Seosamh McMahon, enterprise architect, Ervia

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Powering businesses and empowering employees

Business benefits

Businesses that choose to deploy cloud-first devices can get a powerful boost.

  • Secure by design: Get peace of mind at every endpoint, thanks to built-in security
  • Granular control: Manage centrally from the cloud, across all devices and platforms
  • Smart investment: Lower costs, reduce security risks, downtime and lost productivity

Employee benefits

Empowered employees are happy employees. Give them the cloud-first tools that they need.

  • Enterprise applications: Keep everyone working efficiently and in sync with enterprise applications
  • Premium hardware: ChromeOS Enterprise devices are fast, powerful and come in shapes and sizes fit for every business
  • Workplace efficiency: Boost efficiency with applications, hardware and a cloud-based OS built for work

Turn frontline workers into cloud workers

Frontline workers are the customers’ first impression of your organisation. They provide essential services to your clients, so enabling your frontline is actually looking out for your bottom line.

Turn frontline workers into cloud workers

Resources for supporting your cloud workforce

Kingston and Sutton logo
Two London borough councils save employees thousands of hours in commuting time by switching to Chrome Enterprise and Chromebooks.
DFS transforms the sofa-shopping experience by giving workers Chromebooks and Chrome tablets, and reduces device setup time from hours to seconds.
London Borough of Barking and Dagenham
To provide modern technology to 3,500 local council employees, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham searched for new, cost-effective solutions to replace their outdated legacy systems.
The Good Care Group
The Good Care Group equips in-home caregivers with easy-to-use touchscreen Chromebooks, improving client recordkeeping and connecting caregivers to managers.
Modernising IT security

Learn how cloud-based device platforms can help your business overcome security challenges.

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Cloud workers are key to disruption preparedness

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Rethink technology in the age of the cloud worker: A spotlight on the employee

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Redesigning computing for the cloud worker and digital workplace

A practical guide for CIOs, IT managers and device purchasers responsible for the future of workplace technology in their organisations.

Cloud workers and enterprise technology

Read our comprehensive guide to cloud working.

Journey to a cloud workforce guidebook

Get best practices on how to embark on a journey to a cloud workforce.

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Get to know the OS built for the cloud

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