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The Good Care Group: Improving home healthcare with Chromebooks and Google Workspace


London and Edinburgh-based home healthcare provider The Good Care Group wanted to help in-home carers manage client information more efficiently and communicate better with managers. Since many carers had little experience with technology tools, devices and software needed to be easy to learn and intuitive to use. The organization also wanted to eliminate the patchwork of email systems in use by carers. With help from partner Fourcast, The Good Care Group chose Chromebooks and Google Workspace to meet these challenges.

About The Good Care Group

Founded in 2009, The Good Care Group is one of the UK’s leading providers of high-quality home care services for seniors and people facing medical challenges. Their goal is to enable people to continue to live comfortably in their homes for longer.

Industries: Healthcare
Location: United Kingdom

Chrome Enterprise Results

Faster turnaround time for delivering Chromebooks to carers

Carers can devote more time to engaging with clients.

Digital recordkeeping eliminates paperwork and is more accurate and reliable.

Google Workspace communication tools improve management of carers.

Small IT team can easily manage geographically dispersed fleet of Chrome devices.

Technology to help clients live at home

With input from carers and help from technology partner Fourcast, The Good Care Group decided on the Acer C731T as the best Chromebook for use on-site in clients’ homes. Touchscreen capability improves ease of use for carers, who often have experience with phones and tablets but not laptops. ChromeOS provides seamless access to Salesforce; carers use Meet to connect with managers. Chromebooks are easily shared between users and redeployed to new client locations. With Gmail addresses for all carers, The Good Care Group’s entire staff is using the same email platform.

When we bring in new technology, we’re very focused on creating systems that are built by carers for carers. We want everything to be intuitive, with a simple user interface. With Chromebooks, carers turn it on, enter a password, and everything works.

Tony Hall, Head of Technology, The Good Care Group

About partners

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Fourcast is a Google Cloud Partner specializing in enterprise work transformation. Since their founding in 2014, they have worked on over 600 cloud projects in 128 countries.