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CMMS: Cloud and mobile tools help deliver better patient care


Corridor Mobile Medical Services (CMMS), provider of mobile medical imaging and testing services, realized tools like Microsoft Office and Windows laptops weren’t suited to a highly mobile workforce. Awkward virtual private networks prevented employees from connecting to applications. Chromebooks and Chrome Enterprise Upgrade allows employees to access data in the cloud, while Android devices help mobile technicians quickly access and update patient records during appointments—fulfilling the company’s mission to provide compassionate care using cutting-edge technology.

About CMMS

Corridor Mobile Medical Services (CMMS) has a 20-year history of quality patient care in the field of mobile imaging and lab services to more than 300 medical facilities, such as nursing homes and clinics, in Texas and Oklahoma.

Industries: Healthcare
Location: USA

Chrome Enterprise Results

8 hours/week of productivity gained for each executive

Reduced patient waiting time during technician visits.

Met HIPAA compliance requirements while offering cloud access to apps and documents.

Saved time and money by conducting training and employee onboarding with Google Meet.

Improved recordkeeping and data collection with Google Forms.

Added centralized management for mobile employees’ Samsung Galaxy S8 devices with Google Mobile Management, included with Google Workspace license.

Office workers use Chrome Enterprise and Google Workspace to manage documents through the Chromebook home screen. Mobile technicians are equipped with Samsung Galaxy S8 Android devices to access patient information systems and complete safety and equipment checklists; the CMMS IT team can centrally manage device tasks as resetting passwords and wiping devices. Google Cloud Storage Nearline provides the affordable storage CMMS needs for patient data and imaging files.

Just a few months after we adopted Chrome Enterprise, our employees were able to access everything they need—spreadsheets, storage and documents—directly from the dock on their Chromebook home screen.

Derek Georg, Chief Systems Officer, CMMS