How Google Chrome Enterprise helps Middlesex Hospital prioritize patients

Middlesex Health: Equipping paramedics with tools to improve emergency care


Middlesex Health, a health system with a hospital located in Middletown, Connecticut, needed to upgrade the laptops used by paramedics responding to emergencies. Their Panasonic Toughbooks were plagued by battery and bootup failures and weren’t stable enough to meet the demands of EMS use, where speed and reliability are critical. Chromebooks with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade provide the rugged hardware and reliable OS needed in high-pressure emergency situations, along with easy management tools.

About Middlesex Health

Middlesex Health is a health system with a hospital located in Middletown, Connecticut. In 2015, Middlesex became the first hospital in Connecticut to join the Mayo Clinic Care Network.

Industries: Healthcare
Location: United States

Chrome Enterprise Results

12 Chromebooks purchased for less than the cost of one Panasonic Toughbook

Significantly reduced costs and maintenance for devices.

Reduced device setup time from hours to minutes.

Improved device uptime, since automatic updates eliminate time-consuming patching and updating.


High performance and reliability in a lightweight device

Middlesex Health’s HP 11 G4 EE Chromebooks are lightweight yet tough, with quick bootup times and long battery life that’s well matched to long shifts worked by paramedics and ambulance staff. Paramedics can easily access medical records applications through Citrix apps on their Chromebooks.

ChromeOS performs security and software updates automatically, keeping uptime high and reducing maintenance. Paramedics can easily hand off Chromebooks to colleagues as their shifts end; after a user logs out of Chrome, all data is either stored in the cloud or encrypted locally, making the device secure while protecting patient privacy.

We’ve had zero failures with the Chromebooks. When they open, they’re on, and they’re ready to go. They definitely give us a better level of confidence when we’re out in the field.

Jim Santacroce, Manager of Emergency Medical Services, Middlesex Health