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To help provide the most modern care possible, New Jersey hospital system Hunterdon Healthcare sought a cloud-based productivity solution that staff could access securely from anywhere on a variety of devices. The new system would also need to work with critical clinical applications, some built for older systems, and be secure enough to trust with sensitive health data. In 2016, the healthcare system chose Chrome Enterprise, Google Workspace, and Acer Chromebooks.

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Hunterdon Healthcare’s mission is to provide care, give comfort, and inspire a healthy way of living. Hunterdon Medical Center provides a full range of preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic inpatient and outpatient hospital and community health services.

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Location: United States

Chrome Enterprise Results

$120,000 in device savings

Chromebooks’ built-in security eliminates need for third-party patches.

Easy training makes rapid deployment possible.

Chrome Browser offers fast and secure access to business-critical applications, including new authentication solution HealthCast.

Employees can access cloud solutions from wherever they work.

Chromebooks require less IT support than previous devices.

Secure access to critical healthcare apps

Hunterdon Healthcare began using Chrome Enterprise with 45 Acer Chromebooks and Google Workspace as part of a training program, increasing the number to 250 system-wide, with plans to add 200 more devices. Cloud partner Onix designed a training solution and also helped Hunterdon use its preferred VDI solution to access healthcare-critical applications. Today, 2,400 employees use Chrome Enterprise and Google Workspace to access clinical applications and work together more efficiently. Employees’ familiarity with Google Workspace tools resulted in quick training and rollout. With Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, the healthcare system gains access to additional apps and security features for Chromebooks.

It’s a tall order to safeguard healthcare data, ensure workers have access to critical clinical applications, and provide employees with uncomplicated, low-maintenance cloud devices at a reasonable cost. With Chrome Enterprise and Google Workspace, we think we’ve found that combination.

Jason Tahaney, Director of IT, Hunterdon Healthcare

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