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MedXM provides person-to-person healthcare and preventative education with Chrome Enterprise


MedXM once relied on Windows machines equipped with Microsoft Office to run their organization. Healthcare workers and remote employees alike used VPNs to log in to their network, adding yet another step in an already slow process. To make their workplace more streamlined and user friendly, MedXM turned to Chrome Enterprise for help.

About MedXM

MedXM has been working with health plans to create an effective approach to engage and connect with members since 1990.

Industries: Healthcare
Location: USA

More time for patient care, less effort for IT management

Better healthcare for patients when they need it

Reduced software-related expenses by 40%.

Routine tasks like time-off requests are completed faster by employees with cloud technology.

Smoother collaboration with Google Workspace gives staff tools to navigate health plans.

With Google Workspace, Chromebooks, and Chrome Browser, MedXM’s employee productivity has significantly increased while software costs have noticeably decreased. Because Chrome Enterprise has caused such an impact on their organization, MedXM plans to replace outreach center and clinician computers with Chromebooks.

Because Google makes us more efficient, employees have more time to spend caring for patients. With more time tending to patients’ needs, we can fulfill our company mission: preventative healthcare, education and early detection. Now that’s good medicine.

Sy Zahedi, CEO, MedXM

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