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Chromebooks give precious time back to the caregivers and patients of Chapters Health System


Chapters Health System’s nursing and caregiving staff helps patients wherever and whenever they need help the most. To keep their employees mobile and ready to provide compassionate patient care on the go, this healthcare provider needed a modern solution that fit their budget.

About Chapters Health System

Since 1983, Chapters Health System is a progressive leader in hospice, palliative care, and home-based healthcare.

Industries: Healthcare
Location: USA

Faster response time, superior patient care

Greatly reduced server costs and IT maintenance tasks

Reduced device boot time increases employee productivity.

The Chrome Enterprise management console makes sharing Chromebooks easy for employees.

Remote and onsite workers stay connected to resolve patient issues in a timely manner.

After conducting a survey to see what kind of devices their caregivers wanted, Chapters Health System noticed that Chromebooks led the poll in nearly every category used to compare each option. In fact, 92 out of 139 caregivers preferred Chromebooks over Mac and Windows machines.

Since rolling out Chromebooks in their organization, Chapters Health System’s staff has enjoyed shorter boot-up and login times and the benefits of shared devices, which helps them help their patients with undivided attention.

The biggest change we’ve heard about so far is improved speed. With a traditional Windows notebook, caregivers faced three to four-minute boot times, plus multiple logins to Windows, their VPN, and then finally Citrix and the applications. With Chromebooks, boot time shrank dramatically and Chromebooks start up right at the Citrix login screen, so caregivers can access clinical data right away.

Matt Thorne, Head of IT, Chapters Health System