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Prestige Care: Delivering hands-on patient care with help from Chrome Enterprise


Senior and acute care provider Prestige Care wanted to equip its caregivers and clinicians with workplace devices that would provide easy access to clinical apps, were rugged enough to stand up to long shifts, and were easy for IT teams to manage remotely. With ChromeOS devices used in managed guest session mode—replacing PC devices—the care provider has changed its work culture and created a more collaborative environment for delivering care.

About Prestige Care

Prestige Care is dedicated to helping residents and patients achieve an optimal level of health and wellness in all aspects of their lives. From independent and assisted living and memory care services to transitional rehabilitation care, Prestige Care provides a range of services and care programs designed to meet the needs of every individual.

Industries: Healthcare
Location: United States

Chrome Enterprise results

Chromebooks are one-third the cost of previous devices

Improves productivity through Acer Chromebooks’ long battery life and fast bootup times.

Provides access to Office 365 and medication recordkeeping solutions via Chrome Browser, without the need to upload and update software.

Eliminates management of Windows and security software, with automatic ChromeOS updates and built in virus protection.

Improves accuracy of recordkeeping, since Chromebooks are easily at hand on medication carts.

Easy access to applications, less IT admin

To replace Windows PCs and laptops used in its 80 senior care communities in the Western United States, Prestige Care chose Acer Chromebases for office workers, and HP Chromebooks for frontline caregivers. Channel partner CDW assisted Prestige Care with device purchases. The Chromebooks are used in the managed guest session mode, which allows multiple people to use Chromebooks securely. Administrators and caregivers access Office 365 applications through Chrome Browser, reducing the small IT team’s need to manage software installation and upgrades. With extensions for video apps such as Google Duo or Meet, caregivers can easily take part in video conferences with administrators based in Prestige Care’s Vancouver, Washington headquarters.

Chromebooks give our care teams more mobility, and help people collaborate with each other. With Chrome Enterprise management, our IT team can help care teams work more efficiently—with just a couple of clicks, we can update policies or push out apps and extensions, and in a few seconds, everyone has them.

Joshua Gragg, IT Lead, Prestige Care

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