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S&L Zorg: Improving care for disabled adults, with help from Chrome Enterprise & NextNovate


S&L Zorg is a Netherlands-based caregiving organization providing care for disabled adults. To help improve care standards, S&L Zorg sought a technology solution to connect caregivers to patient data and work with productivity applications while caregivers were in the field. The company had created its own suite of proprietary applications, but staff and caregivers didn’t like the email and calendar products. With a goal of adopting applications that were cloud-first and accessible from the browser, the organization chose Google Workspace, Chrome Browser, and Google Drive, along with Chrome devices for staff.

About S&L Zorg

S&L Zorg provides care and other services to clients with intellectual disabilities in and around the West Brabant, Netherlands region. The organization operates two large residences and several smaller homes and also sends caregivers into clients’ homes. Its mission is to give clients a happy life and help them be as independent as possible.

Industries: Healthcare
Location: Netherlands

Chrome Enterprise Results

€100,000 reduction in yearly IT costs

Google Workspace and Drive help caregivers put more time into care, less into admin.

Easy training makes rapid adoption possible.

Chrome Browser is compatible with Citrix to integrate with patient care applications.

Secure cloud-based tools and storage reduce IT admin.

Reinventing productivity with Chrome Enterprise

Once tools like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Sheets became popular with caregivers, Chromebooks and Chromeboxes were the next step. Caregivers and staff were using PC laptops as thin clients, accessing patient care applications through Citrix, but performance suffered. Caregivers now use Acer and ASUS Chromebooks to access clinical apps through Chrome Browser, while office staff received Chromeboxes.

We see a clear difference in how our caregivers work, now that they have Chromebooks and Google Workspace. They can work from anywhere and do their jobs faster and more effectively, giving them more time to help clients.

Rob Voets, Senior Advisor, S&L Zorg

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