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DFS: Creating a digital culture and improving in-store experiences with Chrome Enterprise


In response to growing trends around social retailing, UK furniture manufacturer and retailer DFS wanted to accelerate its own digital transformation. After the company purchased specialty sofa retailer Sofology, DFS saw an opportunity to consolidate email and productivity tools, streamline IT administration, and improve the in-store experience for employees and customers. DFS replaced Microsoft Office and PC computers with Chrome Enterprise, Google Workspace Chromebooks, and ASUS Chromebook tablets.

About DFS

DFS Group, founded in 1969, is the leading sofa retail specialist in the UK, with showrooms in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Netherlands, and Spain. In addition to the DFS brand, the company also offers the Sofa Workshop, Sofology, and Dwell brands.

Industries: Home goods
Location: UK, Europe

Chrome Enterprise results

Device setup reduced from two hours to 20 seconds

Faster, more reliable devices improve sales staff performance and the customer experience.

Google Workspace encourages more collaboration among teams, improving productivity.

Meet helps reduce travel for all-hands and training meetings.

IT teams spend less time setting up and maintaining devices.

Reinventing productivity with Chrome Enterprise

With help from partner Netpremacy, DFS introduced 1,200 Chrome tablets to 125 DFS and Sofology stores, and trained employees on using Google Workspace as well as tools for closing in-store sales using their tablets. The ASUS Chromebook tablets’ long battery life and ease of use have improved the shopping and buying experience in stores, while Chromebooks and Google Workspace help back-office and information workers collaborate quickly and with less traveling among the company’s locations around the UK. With Google’s Cloud Identity, employees can log in to devices faster, and IT teams can set up new devices in much less time.

There are so many ways that being in the Chrome Enterprise ecosystem has changed the way we work, beyond just the hardware and software. It’s changed our company culture.

Russell Harte, Group Technology Director, DFS

About partners

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Netpremacy, a Google Cloud Premier Partner, specializes in consulting on complex cloud strategies and delivering successful business and digital transformations.