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Compass Group: Connecting patrons to food services with digital signage menus


Compass Group, a global food service provider, wanted to move away from paper-based menus used in cafeterias and cafes it operates in the Netherlands and Belgium. The company sought an engaging yet easy-to-maintain digital signage solution that would offer an improved user experience for workers and students. Working with digital signage provider Digitopia, Compass Group chose Chromebox devices and Chrome OS to support 100 screens in Belgium and 20 in the Netherlands—offering relevant, updated content to food service patrons.

About Compass Group

In providing food and support services to 55,000 client locations in over 50 countries, Compass Group serves an estimated 5.5 billion meals per year to customers in the corporate, educational, healthcare, leisure, and defense sectors. The company strives to deliver the best and most efficient food service for every client—consistently, ethically and sustainably.

Industries: Food Service
Location: Netherlands and Belgium

Chromebox Results

Fresh content and easy maintenance for digital signage

Reduced management and maintenance for digital screens at customer sites.

Strengthened relationships with cafeteria patrons and improved the dining experience.

Strengthened control of content through central management.

Inspired new ideas for digital content, like games and apps.

Improved Engagement with Less Maintenance

Chromeboxes allow Compass Group to create menus displaying rich content, such as frequent menu updates and stories about food service workers and local food purveyors. The compact Chromeboxes are easy to install and can be updated and rebooted centrally by the company’s partner, Digitopia. Compass Group manages content for each screen individually, using Chrome Enterprise license as well as a content management system created by Digitopia.

Menus are more than just lists—they tell stories about the food we offer and where it comes from. Chromeboxes and digital signage are inspiring us to communicate in new ways with the people we serve.

Remco Kokkelink, Commercial Director, Compass Group

About partners

Digitopia logo

Digitopia offers interactive digital signage and display systems to healthcare, public service, retail, hospitality, and corporate clients, managing over 14,500 screens in six countries across Europe.

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