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Schnuck Markets: Delivering freshness more efficiently with help from Chrome Enterprise


Schnuck Markets, a chain of 112 grocery stores in five states, wanted to improve customer service while also getting people through checkout lines faster. Paper-based inventory processes slowed down workers, as did the work computers located far away from employees and long device logins. Chrome Enterprise and Chromebooks have helped Schnucks to go paperless and streamline sales and ordering processes.

About Schnucks Markets

Schnuck Markets, Inc. has served customers a unique combination of quality food, variety, and value for more than seven decades. Founded in north St. Louis in 1939, the family-owned grocery company has grown to include 112 stores in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

Industries: Food Retailing
Location: United States

Chrome Enterprise results

Reduced food markdowns from 400/month to 4/month

Reduced customer waiting times for in-store service.

Eliminated slow paper processes for fresh-food inventory.

Reduced time needed for new-device rollouts.

Reduced food overproduction markdowns thanks to better forecasting and more accurate ordering.

Reinventing productivity with Chrome Enterprise

With help from IT partner Agosto, Schnuck Markets distributed several Acer Spin Chromebooks to each store for a total of 700 company-wide. Chromebooks’ quick setup and security features mean new deployments take only a few days, with security built into the Chrome OS. Fresh food department heads now place orders on Google Forms customized with Apps Script and store them in Google Drive, eliminating slow and wasteful paper processes.

The ability to share devices is one of the things we love about Chromebooks. If someone needs a Chromebook, it doesn’t matter if it’s theirs. They can grab any one of them, log into it, and it acts and feels exactly like the one that they left at their desks.

Mike Kissel, Senior Manager of Endpoint and Cloud Security, Schnuck Markets

About partners

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Agosto’s Advanced Services team boasts more than a decade of Google-based cloud development expertise, and is one of only a handful of Tier 1 Premier Partners in North America.

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