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Promevo: How Google Cloud helps a small business work like a large enterprise


Promevo, a Google Workspace and Chromebook reseller, is a 50-person small business. To compete in its market and succeed with larger clients, Promevo needs to operate like a large enterprise. Previously the company relied on Windows devices and Windows Exchange Servers, which didn’t support easy remote collaboration and required too much upkeep—resulting in downtime and draining IT resources. By going all-in on Google Cloud, Promevo can scale its small business to work smarter instead of harder.

About Promevo

Promevo, one of the largest Premier Google Workspace, Google Cloud Platform, and Chrome Enterprise resellers in North America, is dedicated to helping customers succeed with technology. The company offers hardware, software consulting, migration services, custom app development, and ongoing support for products and services.

Industries: Technology
Location: United States

Chrome Enterprise Results

Promevo uses Chrome devices and Google Workspace to work smarter instead of harder

Increased productivity through remote working and collaboration.

Adopted productivity apps designed in-house using Google Cloud Platform.

Improved customer service by using Google Meet instead of email.

Reduced dependence on internal IT services.

Every Google tool helps Promevo’s cloud journey

By switching to several Chrome Enterprise and Google Workspace tools—including Chromebooks and Chromebox, Google Meet hardware, and Google Cloud Platform—Promevo minimized system downtime and reduced IT maintenance, while also connecting sales teams and supporting customers. Using Google Cloud, Promevo designed an online purchasing system for customers and a sales intelligence tool to help build customer relationships. With Google Chat and Jamboard, the Promevo team can better collaborate internally, meet with sales prospects, and help customers.

Chrome Enterprise, Google Workspace, and Google Meet help us compete against larger organizations. We can work from anywhere to save time and money, and we can build the workflows we need to manage more business without adding staff.

Aaron Gumz, Managing Partner, Promevo