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Ervia: Becoming a cloud-first organization to welcome thousands of new workers


Ervia, which provides gas, water, and broadband services for Ireland, planned to add thousands of people to its workforce, but its aging Windows laptops couldn’t support the expansion and the need for greater productivity for a highly mobile workforce. Working with Google Cloud Premier Partner Fourcast, Ervia chose Chromebooks with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade to streamline IT management and give employees trouble-free and truly mobile cloud devices.

About Ervia

Ervia is the semi-state company responsible for the delivery of Ireland’s gas, water, and broadband infrastructure, helping the country grow and thrive into the future while protecting and maximizing its natural assets for future generations.

Industries: Utilities
Location: Ireland

Chrome Enterprise Results

75 percent reduction in support calls

Reduced IT maintenance and device downtime.

Substantially reduced device costs.

Reduced long device boot-up times that affect worker productivity.

Help Ervia reach its goal to become a cloud-first organization.

Fast, Reliable Devices with Centralized Management

Ervia is replacing Windows laptops with Acer R13 Chromebooks, giving employees devices that are less expensive, have longer battery life, boot up faster, and require far less IT maintenance. Using Google Admin Console and Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, IT staff can centrally manage devices and customize Citrix login pages for each organization within Ervia.

Chromebooks have given Ervia’s IT department more credibility and trust from employees. Employees listen to our new ideas for becoming a cloud-first organization because Chromebooks were such a successful rollout.

Seosamh McMahon, Enterprise Architect, Ervia

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A Google Cloud Premier Partner, Fourcast helps clients create productivity-enhancing digital workspaces with Google products like Google Workspace, Chromebooks, Chrome Enterprise, and ChromeOS.