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With Chrome Enterprise, your users get the browser they already know and love with additional enterprise controls and security capabilities for your organization.

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Chrome Enterprise is where millions of business users get work done every day, across all different devices and operating systems.

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Get controls and customizations that empower employees to do their best work, without compromising corporate data.

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  • Defend against emerging threats

    There are new, advanced cyber threats emerging every day. A secure enterprise browser can limit exposure to potential vulnerabilities and cyberattacks.

  • Avoid costly data breaches

    An enterprise browser needs to proactively protect data. Zero Trust policies and data controls help you keep customer and company information safe from insider and outsider threats.

  • Support distributed teams

    When distributed teams work from different operating systems, regions, and time zones, enterprise browsers need to scale security protections, management controls, and company-specific configurations across them all.

  • Give employees transformative tools

    Today’s workers want the latest technology to fuel innovation. Whether it’s generative AI, new productivity-boosting tools, or a familiar user experience, the right browser capabilities can open new doors for getting work done.

Many companies already use Chrome, but they're not all aware of the advanced enterprise capabilities available to them at no cost. Are you making the most of all that Chrome Enterprise has to offer?

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Chrome Enterprise refers to our product offerings that support deploying and managing the browser within a business environment. In addition to the browser itself, it offers organizations a built-in and scaled approach to security, centralized browser management controls, and open integration, enabling businesses to be more innovative, productive, and secure. There are also additional advanced protections that organizations can purchase, including enhanced data loss prevention and Zero Trust access controls.

Chrome is available to download and deploy free of charge. You can also sign up for Chrome browser’s cloud-based management at no cost. For pricing and information about our advanced protections, talk to an expert.

There is no enterprise version of the Chrome browser itself, but organizations can fully manage and control Chrome to meet the needs of their business. They can also manage user-installed versions of Chrome through policy configurations. Users can see if Chrome browser is managed by an organization by:

1. Opening Chrome.

2. At the top right, selecting More.

3. Checking the bottom of the menu. “Managed by your organization,” signals the browser is managed.

You can find the step-by-step guide here.

Visit the Google Chrome Enterprise Help Center to browse support topics or get help from the Chrome community. If you have an enterprise support plan, you can also chat, email, or call a Google Expert for direct support.