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Accor Plus goes paperless with ChromeOS for 400 contact center agents.


Accor Plus, the 400,000-member Sydney-based loyalty program, used a manual paper-based system that slowed processes to authorize new accounts. The program’s employees needed faster and less-cumbersome digital solutions–but more importantly, they had to maintain the camaraderie of an office when employees switched to remote work in early 2020.

Aware of how productivity solutions can affect workers’ well-being and morale, Accor Plus shifted from paper-based sales processes to ChromeOS devices and Google Workspace, helping sales and IT. The cloud-first experience of ChromeOS devices encouraged more collaboration even when people worked remotely. The loyalty program’s tech team was able to deploy devices for new employees in very little time, and manage devices centrally.

About Accor Plus

Accor Plus , the 400,000-member Sydney-based loyalty program for global hospitality group Accor, offers unique experiences in almost 4,800 hotels across 100 countries.

Industries: Hospitality
Location: Australia

Chrome Enterprise results

400 staff members managed by only 13 IT team members

Reduction in IT resources and costs: 13 IT members manage 400 staff members.

50 Chromebooks deployed without IT involvement.

Tighter security controls over data and devices.

Improved customer service and employee morale.

Digital transformation which has simplified processes, such as ease of device sharing and remote management, as well as cloud first redistribution through the adoption of Chrome Enterprise Upgrade.

Improved collaboration across managers and teams with tools like Google Meet and Chat.

Less IT resources and greater collaboration

Even before the pandemic forced a shift to remote work, the Accor Plus call-center based sales force of about 100 agents and one manager was a challenge to manage from an IT standpoint. Once remote work became the norm, the logistics became even more challenging.

With Google Workspace, managers were able to stay connected with their teams. “One manager has Google Meet active all day, so staff can drop in with queries any time they need to,” says Rahmani. “It’s like having an open-door policy online.”

With support from technology partner Geeks on Tap, Accor Plus replaced an outdated legacy system with a fully digital Google platform. “We now have a secure, reliable network that is cloud-first, and easy to manage remotely with just 13 IT people for 400 staff,” Rahmani says.

Chromebooks, in combination with the Chrome Enterprise upgrade, also helped keep staff connected to customers. “After COVID hit, we embarked on a digital transformation journey,” Rahmani says. “Everyone agreed that the Chromebook was the best device to use. Zero-touch enrollment has made the transition easy. We just ordered 50 Chromebooks, and the agents didn't need IT support to get it going due to the Chrome Enterprise Upgrades. All they have to do is enter their email and password.”

Right now, 60% of our devices are Chromebooks. We’ll be replacing the rest of the fleet with Chrome devices. Due to the huge volume of end users in multiple regions, the ease of zero-touch enrollment, plus Google’s built-in security measures, Chromebooks are the fastest device to roll out at scale with minimal IT support.

Mujeeb Rahmani, Business System Manager, Accor Plus

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