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Hackensack Meridian Health: Providing access to caregiving solutions through Chrome browser


Hackensack Meridian Health (HMH) wanted to optimize its technology so that clinicians could focus on patient care, and the HMH IT team could reach its goal of never letting technology problems impact care for any patient. To achieve these goals, HMH staff and clinicians use Chrome browser, together with ChromeOS, Google Workspace, and Citrix for accessing healthcare applications.

HMH has adopted Chrome as its default browser for easier management, better visibility into their browser fleet, less troubleshooting, and extension management capabilities.

About Hackensack Meridian Health

Hackensack Meridian Health is a healthcare provider in Northern New Jersey with 17 hospitals and more than 500 ambulatory care centers, fitness and wellness centers, rehab centers, and skilled nursing centers.

Industry: Healthcare
Region: United States

Chrome Enterprise results

Browser-related support tickets dropped 25%

HMH benefits from cloud-based workflows with 25% fewer support requests

Sensitive patient data remains secure

HMH staff can add or block extensions as needed with no delays

Chrome Browser Cloud Management allows management of 60,000 browsers, accounts, and apps in over 500 locations, across a variety of devices, through a unified management tool

With Legacy Browser Support, employees using legacy apps benefit from seamless performance through Chrome browser

Flexibility and security with Chrome browser

Once HMH’s IT team realized that employees’ challenges using apps in Internet Explorer were quickly resolved when users switched to Chrome, HMH decided to choose Chrome as its default browser. Chrome Browser Cloud Management helps HMH IT leaders manage users, accounts, and applications for its 60,000 browsers, whether employees work from HMH facilities or from home. With Legacy Browser Support, users can continue to seamlessly access apps that typically require IE. Chrome's ecosystem of extensions and plugins allows users to add capabilities with just a click. Chrome also lets HMH set up a zero trust authentication system for the additional security needed when managing patient data.

We realized early on in the pandemic that Chrome browser was a game-changer for us. Chrome helped us accomplish our goal to give employees access beyond our health facilities. Even when we were scattered around New Jersey and beyond, we all had the same experience accessing applications and resources, while remaining productive.

Mark Eimer, CTO, Hackensack Meridian Health