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NomNomNow: How Chromebooks and Google Workspace help personalize the pet food business


In NomNomNow’s business of home-delivered, personalized pet food, great customer service and fast order turnaround are essential to success. At its launch, the company sought productivity tools to allow employees across departments—from purchasing and cooking to shipping and customer service—to share information about customer orders. NomNomNow chose Google Cloud Platform, Google Workspace, and Acer Chromebooks to speed up its manufacturing process, scale processes for a growing customer base, and pivot their production floor from paper to digital.

About NomNomNow

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, NomNomNow home delivers meals for dogs and cats made with fresh, restaurant-quality ingredients—with automatic reorder and free shipping. NomNomNow meals are cooked weekly in the company’s local kitchen, individually proportioned, tailored to meet the specific nutrition needs of each pet, and ready to serve with no prep.

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Location: United States

Google Cloud Platform and Chrome Enterprise results

Staff of 75 use Acer Chromebooks and Google Workspace to cook, personalize, and ship orders

Easily managed inventory and purchasing with Google Workspace by accessing customer profiles and order history from Chromebooks.

Improved kitchen staff’s access to updated recipes in shared Google Sheets.

Allowed order fulfillment teams to quickly and accurately label and pack orders.

A production floor built around the cloud

NomNomNow needed tools to help push out information to its frontline workers without heavy investments in hardware and software, worker training, and custom application development. The company began using Google Workspace and Chrome Enterprise to scale all aspects of production. Since recipes, customer orders, and inventory records are stored in the cloud, employees can use shared Acer Chromebooks to work together. ChromeOS updates automatically, so the IT department can spend less time on maintenance and more time on improving the production process.

At every step in our production line, we rely on Google Cloud tools to help us push out information to our frontline workers so they can do their best work.

Lynn Hubbard, VP of Operations, NomNomNow