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Topcoder uses Chrome Browser as a better development environment to solve coding challenges


Topcoder experienced roadblocks when using a different browser for its vast network of designers, developers, and data scientists to resolve client coding requests. Switching to Chrome Browser helped this crowdsourcing marketplace face even the toughest coding challenges with peace of mind.

About Top Coder

Started in 2001, Topcoder is a crowdsourcing marketplace that connects businesses with designers, developers, and data scientists to build technology solutions. Topcoder created a Chrome Browser extension that lets developers search GitHub for Topcoder challenges by keyword and look up other Topcoder developers.

Industries: Technology
Location: USA

Speeding up the coding process

Topcoder delivers fast coding solutions with Chrome

More time saved by simulating client issues in one environment.

Coding projects streamlined with Chrome Browser extensions.

Faster delivery to customers.

Topcoder switched from Firefox to Chrome Browser shortly after its launch in 2008 because of its easy-to-use, powerful toolset, which has helped developers work at the rapid pace some enterprise customers may need. Using the Device Mode feature, developers can simulate all kinds of devices instantly — even screen sizes and resolutions — without needing to test on physical devices.

With Chrome Browser, our developers get a better development environment, our enterprise customers get the apps they need, and all of us get a great browser experience in the process. That’s a winning solution for everyone.

Kyle Bowerman, Community Architect, Topcoder