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Waymo: Tracking shared devices and maximizing uptime with Grab and Go


Waymo, the self-driving technology company, needed to effectively manage the large pool of Chromebooks used by drivers and instructors. Managers needed device tracking and staff needed a frictionless system for checking their devices in and out. Waymo chose Grab and Go with Chrome Enterprise, a program designed by sister company Google to streamline management of device fleets of all sizes.

About Waymo

Waymo—formerly the Google self-driving car project—has been working on self-driving technology since 2009. Waymo’s mission is to enhance efficiency, improve safety, and reduce accidents, while extending new mobility options to millions of people worldwide.

Industries: Automotive
Location: United States

Grab and Go results

One Chromebook shared by as many as five people

Reduced the time needed to track devices.

Reduced the number of devices needed, since Chromebooks can be shared.

Eliminated inefficient processes for checking devices in and out.

Managed device fleet without increasing budget or admin time.

Continuous device tracking and instant check-in and checkout

The Grab and Go with Chrome Enterprise program lets Waymo keep fewer devices on hand while making sure drivers and instructors have fully charged Chromebooks when they need them. The Grab and Go app provides real-time info about who’s using a given Chromebook and where. Users receive notifications if their devices aren’t returned at the end of their shifts. A self-serve charging station means that checking out a device is as easy as unplugging it and logging in to Chrome Browser. Grab and Go is easily scalable as Waymo grows, allowing management of 10 devices—or hundreds—with the same admin resources.

Loaner Chromebooks are used by our operations team to do everything from testing the Waymo software to teaching drivers how to operate the cars. Managing our fleet of Chromebooks used to be a manual and arduous process. With Grab and Go, we’re able to keep track of our devices much easier —we can see at a glance who’s borrowed a Chromebook, so we can reach out when they’re overdue for return.

Kyle Sulli, Fleet Dispatcher, Waymo