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First IPO: Delivering top-notch customer service with ChromeOS


First IPO, an India-based company using artificial intelligence to improve talent screening and recruitment, relies on cloud solutions to serve its customers efficiently and rapidly. To help employees work together just as quickly and efficiently, the company wanted to replace its Windows devices and operating system, which were proving to be costly and inflexible. In addition to higher costs, Windows devices required too much time from IT staff for maintenance and updates.

First IPO replaced the Windows devices with 60 Acer Chromebooks and ChromeOS. The company has standardized on Chrome browser, through which employees access Office 365 and other legacy solutions.

About First IPO

First IPO is India’s leading candidate search and evaluation platform, helping enterprises from all industries optimize their recruiting practices and operate more efficiently.

Industry: Human Resources
Location: India

Chrome Enterprise results

$10,000 saved annually on IT management

Rapidly pivoted to remote work at the start of the pandemic

Centrally managed admin of devices and security

Increased employee productivity, and therefore, the quality of customer service

Improved employees’ ability to share information and collaborate

Putting the benefits of the cloud to work

First IPO uses ChromeOS devices such as Chromebooks, and Chrome browser across every team in the company. Chrome Enterprise helps First IPO balance the need to foster information-sharing across employees and teams, while keeping customer and candidate data safe and secure—for example, by blocking access to downloads and specific websites through use of the Google Admin console. First IPO estimates that by adopting ChromeOS devices, the company saves about US $10,000 annually on IT management costs, and also saves time: While Windows devices could take as long as 1.5 hours to deploy, the Acer Chromebook with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade only needs 15 minutes.

As a company built on the cloud, we want our employees to have the same speed and collaboration benefits we offer to our customers. With ChromeOS and Chromebooks, we can focus on keeping customers happy while also reducing costs and IT admin time.

— Founding Member, First IPO