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Imerys: Unifying internal communications globally with ChromeOS and Comeen Play


Imerys, a world leader in specialized mineral-based products, had a goal to communicate more directly and efficiently with workers at its facilities and offices across the world. In particular, the Paris-based company needed a creative solution to deliver news and important information to deskless workers, who make up 40% of the Imerys workforce.

Adding to the challenge was the scope and reach of Imerys’ operations: The company has over 230 industrial sites around the world, and its employees speak over 20 different languages. Already users of Google Workspace, ChromeOS was a natural step in their journey to the cloud.

Imerys chose Comeen Play, an enterprise-grade digital signage solution from Comeen, running on ChromeOS. To improve communications, these screens have been placed in a variety of key areas for worker interaction.

About Imerys

Imerys is the world’s leading supplier of specialty mineral and advanced material solutions for industry, contributing to a vast range of products that touch every aspect of life.

Industry: Minerals
Region: Global

ChromeOS results

220+ screens powered by ChromeOS and Comeen Play — digitizing, simplifying, and improving corporate communications to 50+ locations worldwide

Imerys broadcasts content from different Comeen Play’s integration such as Google Slides and LumApps.

ChromeOS + Comeen Play improved culture by providing real-time, customized communications to over 16k employees worldwide.

In just a few clicks, Imerys can easily update employee-facing content, tailoring communications to a group of locations or a single location.

Essential communications can be shared within minutes, enabling teams to share more information with a greater variety of content.

Better communication improves Imerys workers’ productivity, safety, and engagement.

Google Translate helps Imerys communicate with sites across the world in different languages.

Imerys’ vision for the future is to deploy ChromeOS + Comeen Play at more than 230+ locations.

Combining solutions for user-friendly digital signage

Comeen Play has deep integrations with ChromeOS and Chromebox devices. Integration with Google Workspace and Google Slides enables digital signage to be used company-wide with minimal training. With built-in security features, ChromeOS is secure and reliable; the Google Admin console enables rapid deployment and flexible management of screens, locations, and communications from anywhere. Important information like production and safety updates is communicated in more Imerys locations, while automatic syncing with the LumApps intranet delivers timely company news.

Comeen Play, running on ChromeOS, is our standard digital signage solution at Imerys, helping us communicate the same way with all employees worldwide even if they don’t work at a desk.

Christine Schmidt-Kluge, IT Digital Innovation Manager, Imerys

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