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Questar saves $2.1 million annually with Chrome Enterprise and Google Workspace


For years, Questar paid additional fees to maintain PC laptops and other devices for their business. After working with Chrome Enterprise, this thought leader in educational assessment noticed how much they were saving — and how much more work their employees were getting done.

About Questar

Questar Assessment Inc. is a K–12 assessment solutions provider focused on building a bridge between learning and accountability. Recognized by Tyton Growth50 as one of the top 50 organizations achieving impact at scale in the education sector in 2016.

Industries: Education
Location: USA

Saving on costs and building value

1,200+ Chromebooks used by Questar employees

Reduced costs by at least $1,600 per device.

Up to 75% time savings from provisioning devices.

Fast onboarding process.

Seamless workflow experience for employees.

To help teach educators about testing techniques using the latest technology, Questar replaced their hardware and legacy systems with Chromebooks and Google Workspace. Adopting Chrome Enterprise helped the 40-year-old testing assessment provider function like a start-up again, saving costs and boosting morale in the process.

With Chrome OS, I no longer need to patch or update software, nor do I need a process to wipe data. With the use of Chromebooks... it takes just minutes for me to set up each device, instead of hours... Our ‘40-year-old start-up’ now has the tools for more streamlined IT processes and attentive service for our clients.

Nick Winnie, Infrastructure Systems Administrator, Questar

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